Hollywood Life has posted a new promo for Degrassi 13D, which will premiere sometime in June (TBA).


For those who can’t see the video on their site, a youtube version is now available:

For me 13C was a solid block overall, and 13D looks like it has the potential to build upon that just based on its content alone:

*Drugs Are Putting The “D” In 13D: Is Degrassi turning into a drug den during its final block?  Not only will we have Jack and Imogen getting into smoking weed (Clare looks to be involved in some of the party shenanigans, drinking at least ), Zoë could wind up taking pills and we also have the long-awaited storyline about Zig’s involvement with drugs.

*How Far Will Tristan and Yates Go?  It’s not a matter of if, but how far their secret relationship will progress before it’s exposed.  Maya will be the one responsible, and based on the promo Tristan isn’t remotely happy about that.

*The Sexual Assault Trial:  There are quite a bit of things happening in 13D that I haven’t mentioned (Clew drama, Winston and Frankie, Clare will eventually travel to NYC to see Eli), but the most-anticipated storyline of this block absolutely has to be the sexual assault trial.  I’m excited that they’re hitting it from so many different angles.  We’ll see how it affects Zoë, Becky and Luke personally, and we’ll also see how it’s affecting the Baker family at home…that’s exactly what we’ve wanted to see.

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  1. My curiosity is tied between “did Drew have a fling with Mr. Hollingsworth’s Wife”, “why is Tristan saying Maya ruined his life” and “why is Zoe slamming and breaking that thing on what I assume is the courthouse steps.” The promo gives me a little hope for a Clew Relationship because the two other promos left me thinking they were going to ditch the Clew Plot pretty quick. However it looks like they’re going to flesh it out more, etc. so that’s comforting. Also… knowing her husband is cheating on her might just drive Mrs. Hollingsworth into Drew’s caring arms. :)

    I assume Maya told someone about Yilligan and got Yates fired, clearly angering Tristan. I’m putting my eggs in that basket.

    Poor Zoe, it looks like she’s not out of the woods yet. I was hoping she could hold it together for the trial but this promo shows a complete psychotic breakdown.

    And finally the sheer sight of Luke Baker in anything other than a prison jumpsuit is nauseating. That is all.



    1. Sorry for the late reply, lol but I just learned about this blog today. I was very confused initially about why Tristan told Maya “you ruined my life” but now it’s starting to make more sense. I like your theory a ton! What do you think is going to happen with Winston and Frankie?



      1. Honestly the line in the episode bio “Winston has an epiphany when it comes to girls” led me to believe he might be gay. I STILL think that is a minor possibility because he clearly shows awkwardness around Frankie(and all girls) and it would be an interesting plot. We also see Frankie getting mad at Winston in the promo and that could(I cannot stress could enough) be her getting angry over the fact his homosexuality prevents them from dating.

        However I think the safest bet here is that Winston’s awkwardness with girls will doom the relationship along with pressure from Miles to end it. Winston could easily say or do something that he thinks is completely normal that Frankie sees as insensitive. We’ve seen that with Jonner, Camaya, etc. and each of those relationships broke up over it for a period of time. But like those relationships there is always a chance for reconciliation down the road.


  2. Im a very much looking forward to the Trial and how its going to effect Zoe, Becky and their families and too add the Hollingsworth and other students who are involved.

    The drugs with a a few students and how its going to reflect on them and Zig who maybe involved with drug dealing or how he wound up in this mess.

    To me it seems Jack will be involved with Clare maybe trying to calm her shit with the 2 dumb guys in her life. So she may partake in drinking and taking her fustrations. As Imogen on the other hand gets herself in a pickle about smoking pot. I have a feeling that Jack is a plot device for Clare and Imogen as to screwing up with there other relationships with there friends.

    As for Drew & Clare I think Clare is an emotional train wreck.. The time bomb will hit in this block.. I know how the writers work either Clare ends up with Eli or Drew or she walks away from both guys this time. I have a bad feeling Eli & Lenore happen during the break up.

    I feel bad for Maya, she is in a tough spot all three friends are in trouble and shs going to try to help but everything is going to backfire badly even though she has good heart.

    believe it or not the only people I’m really worried about are most of the ladies except for Alli & Jenna. BTW Where are people getting the idea Clare is pregnant? Shes not hormonal she heartbroken and her trust with Eli & Drew are burnt due o lack of communication with all 3 of them.



    1. Every time a girl on this show has sex with somebody or even acts a bit out of sorts, the “OMG _____ PRAGNATE???” posts start. One notable example is during Season 8, when Teen Nick played the promos that showed Holly J. in bed announcing that she wouldn’t be returning to Degrassi, despite the fact that she was still a virgin at the time.



  3. will imogen smoke and spill the beans about adam lol



    1. thatd be the most contrived thing…so i wouldnt put it past the writers lol



  4. Josephdegrassi May 22, 2014 at 11:19 pm

    The trates situation reminds me so much of paige and oleander . Since maya is the new manny slash Emma ,its makes me feel like she will expose the romance just like Manny did. I alos cant wait for Zoes plot . so excited for 13 D!!



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