Degrassi’s one-hour episode airs tonight at 9pm EST in Canada, and 10pm EST on TeenNick.

As of writing this (around 3:30pm EST), the guide on my TV had finally updated to show that Degrassi is airing at 10pm, BUT my dvr was still set to record the iCarly episodes scheduled at 9 and 9:30.  If you’re recording the episode and haven’t checked already you might need to check again, and even set to record it manually.

The time change for this episode is just TeenNick playing it safe, aka trying not to possibly get fined across all time zones since the network doesn’t seem to delay its programming for the west coast (Yes, TN is subscription based, but don’t think that’ll stop some crazed adults from complaining and trying to say the show is being obscene, especially with this episode being about rape and implications from the Degrassi cast/crew that this episode will be more graphic than other major rape/violence storylines in the past).  TeenNick has been very casual about announcing the time change; if this were a legitimate ploy to boost ratings, they’d be all over social media promoting it as “OMG IT’S THE EPISODE THAT’S SO INTENSE AND CONTROVERSIAL THAT WE HAD TO MOVE IT BACK AN HOUR!”

In the end, it doesn’t matter why. By the end of tonight, no one will care about the time change; everyone will be focused on what happened in “Unbelievable,” which is the most-hyped episode we’ve seen in a while.  My expectations for this episode are high, and yours should be as well given the real-life events which this storyline is based off of. The events of tonight’s episode were subtly set up in last week’s episode; I thought last week at the very end of Basket Case they were going to get a head start showing the aftermath of the party from Zoë’s perspective, but they didn’t and that’s okay.

The fallout of this episode has the potential to be huge.  With Cam’s suicide we saw a lot of reactions from characters, but the direct impact was limited to a few (Maya, Eli, Zig, Dallas).  In Unbelievable, not only will Zoë be affected by what’s happened, but impact will possibly be felt by the entire Hollingsworth family, the Bakers, the culprits and anyone else who might’ve been at the party.


There is no After Degrassi tonight.  However, Degrassi will be releasing webisode #2 of “Dress You Up,” the story of Maya searching for a way to afford a prom dress.  Next week the schedule will get back to normal, with Degrassi airing “What It’s Like” at 9pm EST in Canada and the U.S.  I’ll post promos for that tonight.  I’ll work for getting my review of “Unbelievable” up late tonight.

Posted by Kary


  1. So from what happen is were we left off with Miles & his dad talking about the party in “BC’. Then ‘Unbelievable’ is where Zoe waking up in the Hollingsworth Pool House with Hunter and Frankie that same morning.



  2. Did anyone else feel like this episode had too happy of an ending?



    1. Yeah. Especially since half of the characters walking Zoe to class cared less about what she was going through.



      1. Exactly. It seemed pretty OOC for Zoe to accept their help so easily, too. I can understand her hugging Becky, but I seriously doubt that she’d have been so friendly with Miles, Maya, and Drew after all that…I also wanted to see more slut shaming and victim blaming going on, to demonstrate how rape victims are really treated.

        I still like the episode, though; I just don’t want everything wrapped into a neat little bow.

        Sorry if that was a bit rambly, it’s late.


  3. I agree. The ending was too happy. So either this means luke and Leo will be put on the backburner (with luke possibly being blackholed) or they’re both going to return at the end of the season with a plot that makes absolutely no sense?

    I really loved this episode. I started crying when Zoe started crying and screaming “isn’t there anything I can do?”

    And I was screaming and clapping and wooting when Zoe goes to beat luke up, Becky holds her back, and miles takes over.



    1. Caroline Barth Photography March 12, 2014 at 12:30 am

      That had to have been one of my favorite scenes in the entire series. Becky was wonderful in this episode! Totally didn’t expect it.



      1. It was too amazing wasn’t it? I feel so bad for Becky. Here she is, trying to help Zoe and get to the bottom of things. Little does she know, she’s in for the shock of her life. I’d say that in a way, she’s just as affected by this as Zoe. She did the right thing.
        For a minute there though, I thought she might actually take Luke’s side and not say anything. I also thought it was really deep when Clare accused Drew of “letting this happen.” Same with when Zoe accused miles of letting this happen. It really showed how easily people are willing to pass the blame around.


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