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In case you missed Friday night’s announcement, TeenNick is shifting Degrassi’s timeslot this coming Tuesday, March 11th.  The one-hour episode “Unbelievable” will now air at 10pm EST.  So basically wherever you are in the U.S., this Tuesday’s episode will air an hour later than usual.

The move comes because the episode’s content was deemed too sensitive to air before 10pm (for information on the FCC’s regulations on indeceny, click here:  TeenNick will return to airing Degrassi at 9pm EST on Tuesday, March 18th.

MTV Canada is airing Unbelievable at its regularly-scheduled time of 9pm (an hour ahead of us Americans), so if you’re an American fan who wants to avoid spoilers, plan your time on social media accordingly.


Posted by Kary


  1. cable guides or at least mind still haven’t made the shift which I hope happens soon cause I work Tue night and I’d love to be able to DVR it and not miss it



    1. I hope its ready to set up too. I’m tired of dvr’ing something only to not have it record. Sometimes it just takes a change of a shows summary of the plot to throw my tv recorder off. :(



      1. as of now it still says Degrassi’s at 9 and Big Time Rush is at 10


      2. Heather, 2 hours ago it just changed to 7 pm pacific time here in Calif. I’m on Comcast Infinity. There is no description of the episode but it shows it to be an hour long. Now once the description is put up there’s a 25% chance it will unrecord and I will have to reset it again. :(


  2. Why the hell would you follow FCC rules when your channel is on channel 133 on Comcast? You pay extra for Teennick. This is bullshit. It’s a stunt to get higher ratings.



    1. Lexi, you may be on to something. If it was an FCC “suggestion” that the show not run in the family hour than why in the hell are they not enforcing it in the Mountain and Pacific time zones? A controversial episode, like the school shooting when Drake was on Degrassi, just led to viewer discretion advised postings through out the episode.



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