For the most part, finances are never really an issue on Degrassi, excluding the occasional “character is poor” or “my parents suddenly have no money” plot.  It might not be fun or flashy, but RBC has stepped in to fund a webisode series that seems to take a more practical look at a teenager stuck in a simple financial dilemma.  There are four webisodes, and a new one will be released every Tuesday in March.  I’ll probably refrain from posting any major thoughts about the series until the final one has aired.

Here is the link to Dress You Up Pt. 1, which is available for all to watch: http://www.mtv.ca/degrassi/dress-you-up-1.jhtml

Posted by Kary


  1. Is it just me or does this video not make much sense? Why is Zoe all of a sudden hanging out with maya and miles and going shopping with maya and acting like everything is completely fine? I don’t get this.



    1. It’s because of the writers are running out of material for the Tenners.



      1. It also looks like this webisode isn’t Canon


  2. I feel if you’re going to do a web series, have it be canon. Have it make sense. I’m just pretending this web series doesn’t even exist. It’s so horrible.



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