Episode 1321 (No Surprises) airs on Tuesday, February 25th at 9pm EST.

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Posted by Kary


  1. Oh, wtfever… I used to love Eclare– but it’s over, done. I want Clew! This show has thrown together random pairings before… at least this time they’re dragging out the opposites attract thing. It’s different when it’s not only the fans saying, “No… this makes no sense…” The characters are going through that too… but soon, they will realize- it’s inevitable! I don’t know, I’ve loved the idea of them since Clare told Eli, “I have a school to veep” and Drew gave a little laugh. And I loved when Drew broke her out of the hospital. They’re actually capable of having fun together and it’s cute. Like in the same way Jenna and Connor are cute, just potentially less boring.



  2. Between Clare running into Drew’s arms post-Eli and Alli most likely pairing up with Dallas so soon after the Leo stuff, this show is sending a terrible message. Heaven forbid a girl actually stay single instead of being completed by a guy.

    I’m also so over every guy fawning over the Emma/Clare/Maya types. What is it that makes these types of characters so special as compared to other (more likeable) characters?



    1. The Alli & Dallas stuff angers me more. I wish they would have Alli developed the most common issue after being battered by someone they loved.. Being afraid of men, and some women turning to women.

      As for Eli he needs to go, I feel Eclare has no purpose anymore they have lost that spark ever since S12 happened. They are keeping them even thought the majority of that fandom is dying out, especially after Eli cheated.. How much BS can Clare take from Eli.. Enough



  3. I’m just hoping they graduate at the very beginning of next season, the characters I love are really starting to act ooc. It seems like the writers about people who have never watched the show who are given a two sentence character summary: “Clare: perfectionist trying to get to Columbia to be with her nyu bf, who is bipolar, she is over dramatic at times and her parents divorce caused issues.”

    Plus i really don’t like maya, the actress or the actual character doesn’t click with me, I have huge issues with her and really hate her guts. And not even in a fun Zoe Rivas way and they are already cramming maya down our throats so much I want the character to just DIE (May it’s because they give her too many boyfriend hops)



  4. Maya is the new Emma/Clare and for some inexplicable reason, the writers adore that type of character. No matter how unlikeable Maya becomes or how much fans dislike the character, she will always be shoved down our throats and have guys fawning over her.



  5. I am at this point were I want to say something to a few very rude Eclare fans but I am too nice for that… This season is about Clare not Eclare.. I am sick and tired of fans telling the Epitome Family, (writer, cast, Stefan and Stohn) that they ‘fucking hate Clew’ they are gross. Drew is worse than Eli?? Really Drew is worse than Eli, ok.?? Then they tweet rude comets, like they will stop watching the show if they break them up. Even one fan said she will kill herself if there not endgame. See the problem. Has ever occurred to these fans that Clare is changing a lot since her remission from cancer. Also note that LDR especially with young couples people change a lot and thats the reason so many young relationships fail. Eli and Clare lack communication they keep following that same unhealthy pattern of never talk about anything all they do is make up and pretend nothing happens.. At least with Drew and Clare they actually talk about how they are feeling with each other. As far as we know Eli may start have feelings for Lenore because a lot can happen even if we don’t see it. Sorry for this rant but damn.



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