TeenNick has uploaded a sneak peek of the 13C premiere, The World I Know.  Zig returns again (maybe he’ll be in more than a couple of episodes this block?) and there’s an awkward conversation between Clew.

TO WATCH THE SNEAK PEEK CLICK HERE: http://www.teennick.com/videos/clip/degrassi-the-world-i-know-1317-sneak.html

Posted by Kary


  1. I’m not gonna lie…I’m really frustrated by Zig’s 180 in personality and lifestyle. The writers worked so hard last season to set up an epic romance for him and Maya…and have completely blown it…and destroyed his character…we don’t need another bad boy/asshole on the show…



  2. I’m really hoping there’s some kind of backstory revealed as to why Zig is in the predicament he is in now because so far it looks like the writers are only making him be a bad boy as an excuse to dress up Ricardo in greaser clothing and have his hair pulled up (trust me this is Degrassi we’re talking about). Like I’ve said before…this season needs to end.



    1. Amen to that! And the current showrunner needs to be fired!



  3. It’s easy to write off a character who sells drugs as a villain, so I think that what the writers are doing here is interesting. Of course, I too want to see some hints as to why he changed so drastically.



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