Kyle from over at CableTVTalk got a hold of some potential episode titles for the first four episodes of Degrassi’s upcoming winter block.  He posted them with this disclaimer:

I won’t know if it’s the correct order until the January schedule is released and it’s possible the titles might have changed during post production.  The y do fit in with what we already know based on scripts and Stephen Stohn’s tweets.”

1317: The World I Know
1318: Better Man
1319: Dig Me Out
1320: Power To The People

Some of the episodes for 13C have already been confirmed:

1321: No Surprises
: Basket Case
1323: Unbelievable
: Sad But True
1325: What It’s Like
1327: Army of Me
1329: TBA
1330: TBA

As of now, 13C is expected to be a 14-episode block that premieres in January on MTV Canada and TeenNick.

Posted by Kary


  1. The World I Know
    When Zig discovers his parents’ store is shutting down and they can’t make money for rent, he decides to dab in the business of selling prescription drugs to ensure his family’s stability. Jenna and Connor plan a romantic evening, but he seems less than enthusiastic. He doesn’t want to hurt Jenna, but he’s just not feeling it. Clare wants to talk to Drew about their kiss, but he is avoiding her. That’s because Drew knows what happened was wrong – Clare has a boyfriend, and he won’t be that guy anymore. Desperate to place Clare in the back of his mind, Drew kisses Zoe.

    A Better Man
    When Maya oversees Zig selling drugs, he tries to get him to see the error in his ways. But why does she care? Blowing up on Maya, Zig nearly takes the drugs he once sold… only to snap out of it and realize the way he’s living his life – and his infatuation with Maya – are unhealthy. After their failure of an intimate night, Connor wonders why he is unable to find Jenna – or anyone for that matter – desirable. Jenna tries to stay supportive. Drew and Clare agree their kiss was nothing more than a moment of poor judgement, though she warns him against leading Zoe on. She may be strong enough to not be hurt by the scenario, but Zoe is a young, naive girl.

    Dig Me Out
    When Leo becomes aggravated with the amount of time Alli is spending on the arrangements for Degrassi’s fashion show, he asks her to move in with him… but she can’t – her parents would never say yes. Declining Leo’s offer, Alli’s sees that history often repeats itself. Zoe likes Drew – she actually likes him – and she wants to make this work. But when she sees signs that he’s not over his ex, she bows to not let herself get hurt again. Miles meets Maya’s parents.

    Power To the People
    Alli’s face is a mess. Covered with bruises and an emotional state that is far from empowered, how will she stand as a role model on the runway? Zoe stands up for herself and warns Drew against treating her with anything but the up-most respect. She likes him, and if he doesn’t feel the same he needs to be honest. Period. Miles tries to make his relationship with his father stronger, but maybe it is just a dream that should be kept that way.



  2. Hey Kary I think I’ve may have found the premiere date to 13C while the promo on TeenNick says coming in January but if you watch an episode on Demand of Degrassi when they play the promo at the beginning it says coming January 16

    So I’m not sure if TeenNick slipped up or not but it says January 16 in the promo



    1. Was it the on demand from your tv service provider? I’ve been thinking it’ll probably be the 9th or the 16th based on how MTV has scheduled all of their January premiers



      1. Yeah it was, I have Comcast and it was on the ep. Cannonball. I agree by the way they’ve been scheduling them


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