This Friday, TeenNick is airing a “Drake-themed” mini marathon called Started On Degrassi.  Starting at 10pm EST, they’ll show 3 Jimmy-related episodes, with what looks like clips from Aubrey’s Degrassi Unscripted episode sprinkled in between.  The current schedule is listed below:

10pm: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Season 2 – My review here)

10:30pm: Can’t Hardly Wait (Season 6 – My review here)

11pm: It’s Tricky (Season 7)


I’m excited for this. TeenNick only plays older episodes (seasons 6 and up) at 5am nowadays, and don’t seem to ever play any of the initial seasons of TNG anymore.  I’d love to see them find reasons to run more of the older episodes in Primetime.


Posted by Kary


  1. That’s silly!



  2. I hope this becomes a thing and they air a Nina Dobrev centric one next. “Best Mia episodes”……………………… trololol.



  3. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun? Why not I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, Basketball Diaries, or an episode that actually centers on Jimmy and not stupid Emma?



  4. When I watched this block, I saw It’s Tricky and Bust a Move (both parts)… I laughed because It’s Tricky is not solely a Jimmy episode and Bust a Move isn’t a Jimmy episode at all, he’s just in it lol. I did enjoy the clips from his unscripted. I wish they would play more of those and maybe make new ones.



    1. It’s Tricky made sense because it was the episode where Jimmy rapped and was filmed when Drake first started rapping. I’m not sure why the hell they aired Bust A Move, that had to be an accident lol



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