Abby Ho, Epitome’s Director of Digital and Social Media, has announced that she’s leaving the company.  Today is her last day.

After five year of working on Degrassi, she’s taken on a new position at CBC.

Abby has been an extremely crucial part of the development of Degrassi’s online presence over the past few years.  It went from being virtually nonexistent to content being posted on a near daily basis.  The unique part of it is that Epitome took its own social media efforts in its own hands as opposed to relying on weaker, robotic efforts by the networks.  Granted there are certain circumstances and limitations for the networks that come into play, Epitome establishing its own team that solely focuses on digital content (as well as the benefit of the team working on the set) gives us access to things we wouldn’t get otherwise, such as the character twitters, apps, behind-the-scenes videos and the Google+ Hangouts with the cast.

The rest of Epitome’s digital team (Krista, Will, etc) is still there, and they will still continue to provide behind-the-scenes content.

Abby you will be missed!

Posted by Kary


  1. Its to bad. She was a class act and she brought enthusiam to the Degrassi set.



  2. I’m sure that Abby got a nice offer at CBC. Moving to a network is most likely a significant upgrade from her position with DeGrassi. It may be just me, and I don’t profess to have watched all the events she hosted, but she never appeared to be genuine to me. Her cheerleader type persona felt very forced to me. It’s as if she knew the job called for a bubbly personality and that’s what she attempted to deliver. She just wasn’t very convincing on screen.

    Watching her host the online chats was almost painful. I think if she forced that smile or laugh anymore her face would have cracked. I guess in real life there are people who are really like that, but I don’t see them having any resemblance to Abby.

    I’ll be anxious to see what she ends up doing at CBC. I wonder if we’ll get to see the DeGrassi Abby on CBC or if it will be somebody new?



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