TeenNick’s post TTOML promo was the same one that was accidentally leaked last weekend, but there was a new addition to it….a “selfie” promo which can be viewed below:

Also, below is Much’s season 13 promo:

17 thoughts

  1. It’s sad that the OG minor niners are now seniors. :( It really is starting to feel like a whole new degrassi. The show just keeps reinventing itself.

    Also, Tristan needs to stop those little sayings before it starts getting annoying. “Amazeballs, cray cray, etc.” UGH


  2. They are also doing promos for single characters. I saw one for Drew freaking out about being the school president and one about Zoe pretending to be a sweet innocent girl, but then acting mean.


  3. Worst. Promo. Ever. This is why I’m embarrassed to say I watch this show! Well, that and how bad the show itself is becoming.


  4. You know what would be an interesting (yet extremely unlikely) twist? What if the person Clare asks to “come home now” was Darcy, not Eli.


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