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  1. Why does Imogen look like shes 12? And why is she crushing on Fiona’a ex and Eli’s BFF (Adam). Awkward….. Why is Clare trying to acting like a 20 year old sex goddess.. I know this spicy online thing will bite Clare in the ass and may ruin her reputation. Knowing Degrassi it may get leaked. Can’t say much about Alli & Jenna.. Im glad Maya maybe moving on. I know I will love the new kids. I have a feeling we will not see Eli until the funeral and thats ok with me.


      1. Cam died a long time ago and the funeral would not be in this season.. Its someone else. Also, he lived somewhere else. I’m sure his parents would have flown his body back to his hometown to be buried.


    1. Well.. if you pause @ :13 secs, you can see Adam and Becky kissing.. So they’re still together.. And I’m guessing Imogen is having graduate-withdraws


  2. Kary I know im late but this has been stressing me out, so in the dvds season 10, 11 and 11.5 is the front side of the disk actually the 2nd part and the back of the disk the 1st part? I hate taking the disc in and out then no episode tittles throws me off more.!

    And im not sure what does “this fall” mean lol soo like in what month will Season 12 dvd be released?


    1. I know, the dvds are frustrating because it’s hard to tell which side is which (and which episodes are which unless you know the episode titles by their production code). They still haven’t said specifically when yet…it’s getting frustrating!!


  3. I’m really excited to see this block… From the sign out front at the beginning it looks like it’ll be more summer-themed (it says something about a summer day camp), which hopefully means more interaction outside of Degrassi. Hopefully this means Imogen is still graduating and is just doing something for the summer camp.


  4. Maybe if someone dies, it’s Dave… :( He was friends with pretty much everyone so that would explain pretty much everyone showing up. I have a crazy theory that the funeral might be the music video promo though. I highly doubt they’d kill off someone RIGHT after Cam.


    1. That’s what I was thinking! And why isn’t he in the promo photos? But it would be way too soon for a major character to die, so I had another theory that maybe Dave’s dad is killed in the line of duty, and he changes schools so that he doesn’t have to be reminded of his dad all the time, as Officer Turner works at Degrassi as well.


  5. best episode ive seen and maya does like miles but miles dad is an ass!@?! and miles rebels so maya doesnt like hanging out with people like that and tristan acts like an ass leaving maya out of the club! not a real friend.


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