Yesterday, random tweets by random Degrassians shopping turned out to contain info we’ve been waiting for:

Upon closer examination, Much’s premiere date for season 13 is etched onto the store’s front window:


More fan photos of the Degrassi display:


All of this comes after reports in mid spring that made it pretty clear Degrassi was not going to do the telenovela for the summer block this year.  Degrassi’s summer block was initially slated to air episodes on Fridays, but last week press information from MuchMusic confirmed it’d been changed to Thursdays.  Below is what the summer schedule should look like:

Friday 6/21, 9pm – The Time of My Life (1-hour special)
Thursday 7/11, 9pm – Summertime (1-hour premiere)
Thursday 7/18, 9pm – Ep 1303
Thursday 7/25, 9pm – Ep 1304
Thursday 8/1, 9pm – Ep 1305
Thursday 8/8, 9pm – Ep 1306
Thursday 8/15, 9pm – Ep 1307
Thursday 8/22, 9pm – Ep 1308 (summer block finale)

There’s still a couple of things to remember…

1) If the premiere date is on the front window of a store it’s most definitely confirmed, but it’s really weird that Much hasn’t made a public announcement of their own yet.

2) There’s still no word on whether or not TeenNick will also air Degrassi on Thursdays.  The more I think about it, the more I can’t think of why they’d want to disrupt their Friday night lineup of Degrassi and TeenNick Top 10 if there’s going to be no telenovela.


Posted by Kary


  1. Only thing I have to say is I wonder how many Americans will go ape shit if TeenNick decides to air the episodes a day later than Much



  2. This is all very confusing… I forget where exactly, but I remember seeing it having been officially confirmed that they ordered 40 episodes for Season 13, so unless something happened to change along those lines, then 40 episodes need to be aired. Perhaps they could just do an 8 week 32 episode telenovela in the spring? That would be interesting…



  3. atdedopessstt June 7, 2013 at 6:06 pm

    I just noticed that Jack (Emma’s brother) is suppose to be 10 years old just like Bella (Mia’s daughter) would be interesting too see them both later on.



    1. I’d love to see Jack! Isabella, too, but since her and Mia moved to Paris, I’m not banking on that one. If we’re going by the OFFICIAL timeline, Jack would be going into 2nd Grade and turning 7, but honestly, with this new format, it would take forever for him to get up to that age, and the actor who played him, assuming the baby wasn’t just replaced by toddler actors, is 10 years old now. They could just hyper-age him and bring him back in a few years when the actor is old enough, it wouldn’t do much damage.



  4. Is it just me, or does the dude on the right looks like Connor a little?



    1. it’s not just you… It is him.



      1. Then who is that next to him? Fiona? It doesn’t make sense for her to be there if her character is graduating


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