Yesterday, Chloe swung by the set of Degrassi to do a live stream for fans.  Olivia, Lyle and Annie also made surprise appearances during the chat.  Below are direct links to some of the questions fans asked Chloe:

*What was your favorite scene to film?

*Where would you like to travel?

*Which Degrassi couples do you ship?

*Chloe’s tattoo:

*Chloe loves tumblr:

*Mythical creature Chloe wants as a pet:

*How Chloe got into acting:

*Past characters on Degrassi you would’ve liked playing?

*Katie Matlin’s biggest flaw:

*Would you ever do comedy?

*Favorite episode in season 12:

*Off-set relationship with Olivia:

*If you could be on any other TV show:

*Where would you be without Degrassi?

*What do you like to do outside of acting?

*What would study in University?

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