Stephen Stohn isn’t at Epitome today (he’s headed to L.A.), but before he left he posted a vague tweet:

And as I was typing this blog post, some of the cast members happened to drop a hint:

TeenNick’s crew on the set of Degrassi in April for promo planning.

So what exactly is happening on the set of Degrassi today?

It’s been confirmed that TeenNick is on set today.  Weeks after a visit to the set for production planning, TeenNick’s director and crew returned to Epitome yesterday and they’re filming promo stuff today.

Normally TeenNick’s big summer promo would’ve been released this week, but that’s obviously not going to happen since the season 12 finale still hasn’t aired yet.  The night that bad boy airs though (June 21st), you can expect promo heaven as TeenNick’s promo is expected to be shown right after The Time of My Life (fingers crossed).

Posted by Kary


  1. YES! The Degrassi musical promos are wonderful & oh-so-summery.



  2. i bet they’re filming the opening sequence



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