We’re getting a *little* progress in regards to receiving season 13 news, with Stephen Stohn releasing a new episode title yesterday:

The cast was on set yesterday for the s13 gallery shoot, and for a readthrough of episodes 1313-1316.


New Character Revealed?

Several days ago a guy named Nick Goluza announced via twitter that he had landed a role on Degrassi:



Of course this meant researching the heck out of the guy since neither the networks nor Epitome have announced new characters yet.  Via his Instagram (5/22/13):


On the same day he was on set, he received a tweet from Sarah:

Instant reaction is that if legit, he isn’t a main character mainly because:

1) I assume Epitome has tight reigns on the new series regulars to keep them from revealing their identities on social media before they’re allowed to.

2) This situation is almost identical to how Kevin Alves announced that he was going to be playing Ari (name later changed to Fab) on Degrassi in Season 12.

FYI: Have you seen what Much’s summer schedule for Degrassi might look like? The update from yesterday can be found here: https://degrassiblog.com/2013/05/27/degrassi-summer-2013-schedule-update/

Posted by Kary


  1. Nina Shewchuk May 28, 2013 at 8:56 pm

    Another kid from Florida?



  2. Because his character is from Florida, and he met Sarah Fisher on set (Becky, also from Florida), perhaps Becky and Todd know each other from before Degrassi?



  3. Why would they change his name from Ari to Fab? Ari is a *fabulous* name! (see what I did there? XP) Seriously though, “Ari” is a really amazing name. Maybe they’ll use it on another character some time. (my favorite part of Degrassi is the characters! <3)



    1. They changed it because Ari was the name of Eli’s character from Love Roulette.



  4. My reaction to this is that I hope that this character, Todd, is actually useful in the Degrassi universe and not just a character who only serves as a love interest…I’m looking at you Fab.



    1. And it looks like it’s not happening :(



  5. […] becoming jealous and insecure when he finds out Becky’s hanging out with a guy named Todd (remember when Nick Goluza said he was going to be on the show in season 13, then the fandom somehow convinced itself that Nick was lying and that Todd was a hoax? It turns […]



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