Degrassi Fan Video

Degrassi uploaded its first fan video today (somehow my nonsense made the cut).  They’ll be creating more videos in the future, so be on the lookout for more chances to submit your own video!


Degrassi Gallery Shoot

Prepping Degrassi’s gym for today’s Season 13 gallery shoot on set.

The Degrassi cast is on set today, and one of the things they’re doing is their season 13 gallery shoot:


Hopefully we’ll get a sneak peek soon, but we probably won’t see the bulk of them until the networks officially announce season 13.


When Can We Expect A New Degrassi Promo?


For a while now, I’ve casually mentioned that the season 12 finale, The Time of My Life, will be airing on Friday, June 21st.  Much has marked their calendar (see above), and so should you…however, when can we expect to actually get a new promo or something to announce this?

This wait has been difficult based on the fact we know there’s a plethora of information there, it’s just being withheld longer than normal.  The good news is that since the news is so compressed, once the floodgates are open our heads will explode from the amount of news revealed.

But for now, let’s just take a look back at the last two TeenNick summer promos, which were released on/around today:

Steal Your Heart

Bite Your Tongue

Posted by Kary


  1. degrassifan210 May 27, 2013 at 5:58 pm

    Shark in the water and Bite your tongue are my favorites.



  2. Oh….Degrassi nostalgia. <3



  3. I was really hoping since they are most likely not doing a music video since they aren’t doing a novella we would of gotten a TTOML trailer/preview this weekend :( can’t wait to see what’s to come though even if this does turn out to be Degrassi’s Swan Song season like heavily rumored



  4. Watching the old summer music videos always makes me SO nostalgic, especially Shark in the Water. *sigh*



  5. So I take it Adam’s back then based on the photos?



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