It’s been almost 3 years since the Degrassi fandom coaxed Munro into getting a twitter.  Though he doesn’t tweet nearly as much as some of the other cast members (except when the Leafs are playing), he took over Degrassi’s social media accounts today.

Degrassi Twitter:

Degrassi Facebook:

Degrassi Tumblr:

Degrassi Google+:


Below are pictures and video from Munro’s takeover today:

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Munro Has No Idea What He’s Doing!

Luke Joins The Digital Takeover

Taking Pics on Luke’s iPad

Munro Wraps Up The Takeover

Posted by Kary


  1. he did a better job tha I thought. Hes great at trolling.. lol



  2. Wait, did we know that Chloe was still on set? That Katie would still be on the show? Because he says her twitter name and…



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