*Stephen Stohn’s tweet about the finale episode title switch:

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Posted by Kary


  1. Wow. So sudden that they changed the finale’s episode title since at the read through it was “It’s the End of the World….”. In a way, I’m glad they did that because an episode with the original title would have sounded like an over-hyped Degrassi season finale…considering they’ve haven’t had a solid one since Season 2. But this title suits the graduation episode because a number of characters are going to leave the series. It’s interesting to see Degrassi still using 80’s songs as titles. Also, the best part about it is we have no idea what the finale’s main plot is going to center around.

    Kudos Degrassi for making it hour-long.



    1. “Also, the best part about it is we have no idea what the finale’s main plot is going to center around.”

      Yes! And I hope it stays that way. I’m also happy that they’re finally making a finale an hour long. Out of all the episodes every season, the very last one should be aired in the one-hour format.



  2. My predictions for “The Time Of My Life” is
    Plot A: Imogen/Fiona (hopefully more focused on Imogen)
    Plot B: Eli/Clare (i wish they didnt have a plot but whatever)
    Plot C: Bianca/Drew (again, hopefully more focused on Bianca)



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