I’ve been sick for most of this week, so I don’t have much to say about this episode at the moment.  There’s a thin line the show and the networks tread in regards to spoilers.  Fiona’s plot was accidentally spoiled forever ago at the readthrough and that’s ok.  It’s a surprising turn of events, but the aftermath is more what I’m focused on instead of the big moment.  However, Dallas’ plot was spoiled through promos…it’s something you would never expect if you didn’t know it was coming.  That’s a case where I wish the networks would’ve just held back a bit, so we could have an “OMG” moment while watching, like when Cam jumped off the ledge in Rusty Cage or Imogen found her dead dog in Never Ever.

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Posted by Kary


  1. Fiona’s plot is moving too quickly for me. The Twitter addiction seemed to happen too suddenly for my liking. It should have at least been hinted at in a previous episode. I do like that the writers are addressing Fiona’s tendency to become lonely very easily, though. Yay for character consistency.

    Dallas and Alli seem like they’ll be a fun couple. His sweetness towards Alli is super endearing. Also, hi Owen. Where ya been?

    I’m liking Zig’s plot, actually. I’m still a fan of Zig. He finally won me over in GYM, and in spite of his recent bout of douchiness, I won’t give up on him. I was also so happy to see Damon come back. I think the kid who plays him is a cutie. I hope he becomes a regular next season. He seems like a pretty level-headed, good friend.



    1. Albert Smarowsky March 16, 2013 at 6:54 am

      I actually like how Fiona’s plot is going. To me it’s so easy to have it spiral out of control like that if you share too much. As much as I dislike Zig, the acting has been great for him.



  2. A Plot- The good thing about this plot is that it is superior to Fiona’s previous A Plot at the end of Season 11 where she received zero character development. People say that Fiona’s plot moves too quick but I think if you break it down it’s a plot that involves using plot devices. In this case, Drew moving out was used to bring Fiona’s fear of loneliness out in the open again. Thank you Degrassi writers for doing that. Also, the whole Twitter addiction was a plot device for Fiona’s loft invasion; used to represent the dangers of what happens when you post too much personal information online. But the main message of this plot is the effects of what happens when one feels too lonely in life. The scene where she tells Imogen that her Twitter makes her feel like she is not alone makes my point. This fear, of course, is going to be magnified when she deals with the aftermath of being robbed and held at gunpoint, considering that she lives on her own now. In general, this plot is so far so good.

    B Plot- Like Kary said, the lovely people at Teen Nick ruined the surprise of this plot by putting Dallas being a father in their “Anything Could Happen” promo. However, the actual scene when we do see he is a father to is solid itself with Drew’s reaction summing it all up. The plot is interesting considering how Dallas being a parent puts him in a dilemma of keeping the secret from Alli that could put a roadblock in their potential relationship. Much like BSS, we’re watching Demetrius Joyette being able to capture the emotion of a plot. The scene at the end of Part One where he feels that Alli could walk away from him after she tells him about her pregnancy scare is heartbreaking. It’ll be compelling to see in Part Two how Dallas actually steps up to his parenting duties by seeing Rock more which will be ironically more efficient than Mia’s Jones’ mediocre parenting back in Seasons 6-8.

    C Plot- Zig’s plot has been engaging for me because we’re watching someone deal with the guilt of Cam’s suicide. Ricardo’s acting through it all speaks for itself. Much like Eli in Ray of Light, Zig is trying to forgive and forget but it just keeps coming back to haunt him. It gets to a point where in the midst of it all he trashes Madame Jean-Aux’s car to release that anger. Damon surprisingly works well here as someone who voices his concern towards his friend. It’s ironic considering that in his previous appearance he prompted Zig to steal. I’m sure that plot will be just as good in Part Two as we see Zig make up for his guilt-driven actions.



  3. Can I ask if Adam just isn’t involved in part C at all? Its been so long since we’ve seen Jordy in anything! Not even as background!



  4. I’ve rewtached the episode a few times and I have to say, I’m liking the A plot more and more with everytime. So far this episode reminds me alot of “Eyes Without A Face”.



  5. Damon should become a regular niner next season because i dont have time for just a new niner RANDOMLY coming next season. When they do that, it just seems so unrealistic how they just come in the loop of things.



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