Welcome to the early weeks of Degrassi’s winter hiatus, which I like to call the “Degrassi wasteland.”  I call it that because this is the time of year where literally nothing is happening in the Degrassi universe…not only are there no episodes airing, but filming is also finished for the year.  With no news to report, over the next month or so I’ll be trying to post episode reviews for older episodes, as well as post promo pics and old network promos if they’re available.  Below are promo pics for the episode I plan to review tomorrow, Bark At The Moon.

Bark At The Moon (Season 4, Episode 13)
Manny’s got her eye on a new “hottie” at Degrassi.  Her “boyfriend” Spinner can’t even be bothered to take a night off work to come to the Cupid Dance she’s organized.  But she soon realizes she’s the one who isn’t committed to her relationship with Spinner.  She’s afraid he’ll break her heart, just like Craig did last year.  At the dance, Paige schemes to be partnered with Mr. Oleander with surprising results.

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