Today is the beginning of TeenNick’s “week-long” Degrassi marathon, which leads up to the Season 12 premiere on Monday July 16th.  Maybe it’s just me, but the promo seems a bit misleading.  It says “One entire week, 7 seasons, over 150 episodes,” which lead me to believe it’s gonna be a marathon like the old days, and they’re going to air every episode from Season 5 through Season 11.  But according to every tv listing out there, that’s not the case…it looks like they just randomly picked a handful of episodes from each season to air (there are some pretty dang good ones in there I must admit).

Each day of the marathon will feature episodes from a specific season.  Monday through Thursday the marathon is from 6pm – 11pm, and Friday through Sunday it’s 6pm – 10pm (all times are EST).  The full schedule is posted below.


Monday 7/9 (Season 5)

6pm: Venus Pt. 1
6:30pm: Venus Pt. 2
7pm: Death of a Disco Dancer
7:30pm: Weddings, Parties, Anything
8pm: Tell It To My Heart
8:30pm: The Lexicon of Love Pt. 1
9pm: The Lexicon of Love Pt. 2
9:30pm: I Against I
10pm: Our Lips Are Sealed Pt 1
10:30pm: High Fidelity Pt. 1

Tuesday 7/10 (Season 6)

6pm: Here Comes Your Man Pt. 1
6:30pm: Here Comes Your Man Pt. 2
7pm: Eyes Without A Face Pt. 1
7:30pm: Eyes Without A Face Pt. 2
8pm: What It Feels Like To Be A Ghost Pt. 1
8:30pm: Rock This Town
9pm: If You Leave
9:30pm: Sunglasses At Night
10pm: Don’t You Want Me Pt. 1
10:30pm: Don’t You Want Me Pt. 2

Wednesday 7/11 (Season 7)

6pm: Standing In The Dark Pt. 1
6:30pm: Standing In The Dark Pt. 2
7pm: It’s Tricky
7:30pm: Death Or Glory Pt. 1
8pm: Death Or Glory Pt. 2
8:30pm: Live To Tell
9pm: Ladies Night
9:30pm: Don’t Stop Believin
10pm: If This Is It
10:30pm: We Built This City

Thursday 7/12 (Season 8)

6pm: Uptown Girl Pt. 1
6:30pm: Uptown Girl Pt. 2
7pm: Fight The Power
7:30pm: Man With Two Hearts
8pm: With Or Without You
8:30pm: Money for Nothing
9pm: Bad Medicine
9:30pm: Heat Of The Moment
10pm: Jane Says Pt. 1
10:30pm: Jane Says Pt. 2

Friday 7/13 (Season 9)

6pm: Just Can’t Get Enough Pt. 1
6:30pm: Just Can’t Get Enought Pt. 2
7pm: Shoot to Thrill
7:30pm: You Be Illin
8pm: Beat It Pt. 1
8:30pm: Beat It Pt. 2
9pm: Heart Like Mine Pt. 1
9:30pm: Heart Like Mine Pt. 2
10pm: N/A
10:30pm: N/A

Saturday 7/14 (Season 10)

6pm: What A Girl Wants Pt. 1
6:30pm: What A Girl Wants Pt. 2
7pm: 99 Problems Pt. 1
7:30pm: 99 Problems Pt. 2
8pm: Tears Dry On Their Own Pt. 1
8:30pm: Tears Dry On Their Own Pt. 2
9pm: Chasing Pavements Pt. 1
9:30pm: Chasing Pavements Pt. 2
10pm: N/A
10:30pm: N/A

Sunday 7/15 (Season 11)

6pm: What’s My Age Again?
6:30pm: Idioteque
7pm: Dirt Off Your Shoulder Pt. 1
7:30pm: Dirt Off Your Shoulder Pt. 2
8pm: Should’ve Said No Pt. 1
8:30pm: Should’ve Said No Pt. 2
9pm: Mr. Brightside Pt. 1
9:30pm: Mr. Brightside Pt. 2
10pm: N/A
10:30pm: N/A


Posted by Kary


  1. How could they only air a Part 1 of an episode on Monday and Tuesday? If they’re going to bother airing that episode in the first place, there’s a reason why they were broken up into 2 parts back during the earlier seasons.



  2. I didn’t find it misleading. They said “crash course” not a full on Every Degrassi Episode Ever Made marathon like previous years. They choose the episodes that you MUST see to start the season off right.



    1. Still, when they say they’re having a Degrassi marathon, regardless of what it’s called, most people are going to assume it’s longer than just a couple of hours each day. The same would apply for any tv show announcing that they’re having a marathon.



  3. Oh know Rick this town is coming on :( better prepare myself for that one :(



  4. How can they show Rock This Town but not The Bitterest Pill?

    Leave it to Teen Nick to show some of the absolute worst episodes of Season 5 (the 7 to 8 episodes are just awful!) and leave out good ones. Where’s Foolin’ and Turned Out?



  5. They couldn’t pick more terrible episodes to air from Season 11… Like really? At least air Spring Fever…



  6. While I guess this schedule is more representative of what a “crash course” actually is, they should’ve said 70 episodes and only featured clips that are actually in the marathon. I kind of wish they would have started this earlier and just shown all the episodes because I recently started rewatching from Season 1, but they always drag you in with the promise of sneak peeks. No big deal, just bad timing on my part. On a side, these marathons really can impact your opinion on certain aspects of the show. I remember watching Season 5 when it originally aired and thinking it was insane, now it just seems cheesy and random. Guess I sort of love it in that sense, but with certain plots that year it really shows that that set of writers were running out of things to do with those characters.



    1. I thought that they had good ideas for certain characters for Season 5 (Liberty’s pregnancy, Emma’s anorexia, Alex’s lesbianism). It was the execution that was the problem (having the pregnancy revolve around JT and barely featuring Liberty, zero build up towards the eating disorder, etc.).

      Anyways, how can they show a “crash course” of Season 5 and not show ONE pregnancy episode, not even a subplot? I know that the-n/TeenNick hates to acknowledge Liberty’s existence, but damn.



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