This morning I woke up to Degrass-related things on my tv. Welcome back, old friend.

I’ve been a Degrassi fan since the summer of 2004.  It’s really bizarre that the overwhelming majority of my viewing habits with this show for the last 8 years have been me watching the show online.

My parents had The-N when I first started watching the show, but during that time I was also in the middle of college, so viewing of the show on an actual tv was limited.  And even if I’d had unlimited access to the network it wouldn’t have meant much; those were the days when CTV and The-N aired Degrassi on completely different schedules.  Canadian viewers would get the episodes months before they’d air here in America.  I was (and still am) adamant about watching the episodes when they initially air, regardless of which country airs them first, and I was able to do so with the likes of Degrassi: The Next Generation Hangout and in recent years, CableTVTalk.

Degrassi’s approaching it’s 300th episode and I’ve only watched a handful of episodes live on their first-run.  I started blogging regularly here on in 2009, a year and a half after TeenNick switched to a channel in the digital tier.  Excluding the occasional livestream that I’d give up on halfway through because the connection was too spotty, I’ve had to cover the massive amount of episodes they’ve churned out in Seasons 10 and 11 without watching them live.  This morning we switched service providers and I noticed TeenNick was on my TV.  Yeah it’ll make blogging easier to extent (especially this summer), but I’m more excited about being able to react to things at the same time as everyone else.

11 thoughts

  1. Wow that is what I call dedication!! I am lucky we have Direct TV so I almost always get to watch on TV at the scheduled time. I am happy you got Teen Nick yay :)


  2. I live in Australia, so I completely understand. I have streamed literally every Degrassi ep online and I’m thankful to the fans who upload them so quickly!


    1. No one cares. I hate coming on degrassi blog for over a week to see no new stories just completely boring bs about your life.


      1. Sorry, I can’t pull Degrassi news out of my ass if their isn’t any. Try being less of a dick next time or just don’t waste your time coming on my blog at all reading and posting your equally as boring “no one cares” comments.


  3. I’ve never had TeenNick/The-N but live close enough to the border that our cable has CTV (as well as CBC). Started watching again when The Boiling Point was rebroadcast on MTV and have been watching it online ever since.


  4. i live in austalia and has downloaded all season 10-11 episode off line as they have only boardcast season 1-9 on tv overhere, can’t wait for the 12 season, hopefully i’ll see it live stream.


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