PLOT A SUMMARY: Holly J’s kidneys are failing and she needs a transplant. She and her family get blood tests to see who will be a match for a transplant, but it turns out she has a different blood type than her family. Perplexed, that leads her to question why there are no baby pictures of her with the family. Her mom finally tells her that they adopted her when she was 11 months old. Despite the bombshell Holly J doesn’t let it affect her emotionally….she immediately begins a search for her birth parents in the hopes one of them will be a match for her transplant.

Holly J finds her birth mother, Dawn. They meet at The Dot, and Holly J is hesitant to ask her for a kidney transplant. The doctor tells Holly J that she’s reaching end-stage (aka she’s close to suffering complete kidney failure). Holly J then has an urgent meeting with Dawn, and begs her to get tested to see if she’s a match…Dawn agrees. Later, Holly J finds out that Dawn is indeed a match and is willing to go through with the transplant, but Dawn wants $20,000 in exchange.

This was a very solid plot despite the fact it was predictable up until the end. It’s felt like forever since Holly J’s been given a high-caliber plot, which is a shame because Charlotte Arnold is the strongest actress in this new generation of actors. She’s done a fantastic job since the beginning of Holly J’s illness portraying someone is worn out. Holly J is there at Degrassi, getting things done with a smile on her face, but no matter what she always comes off as lethargic, reminding us up until this point that she’s still sick.

I’m glad this plot was given to Holly J, because it would’ve became an emotional mess. Normally these “I found out I’m adopted” storylines are driven by the character’s desire to form a relationship with their birth parents. Here Holly J is primarily motivated by survival first, and the desire to get to know Dawn came after a while.

The show has done an incredible job of showing the depths of Degrassi friendships this season through simple means. Before delivering the news that Holly J was reaching the end-stage in her disease, the doctor casually mentioned that Fiona blood results came up negative. That gesture alone shows you how strong the relationship between Holly J and Fiona is. Also, I think I love the fact that Dawn wants money for her kidney. It creates a stunning wave of emotion. The initial feeling is anger, but at the same time she’s reminding us that no one’s obligated to do anything for anyone “out of the goodness of their heart.” I know people will through the “But Holly J is her daughter!!!!!” argument, but that doesn’t mean anything. Blood or not, relationships are all mental, and to her Holly J is just another stranger.


PLOT B SUMMARY: Adam starts liking Katie, who is throwing out some hints that she might be interested in Adam. Dave tells Adam to go for it, so he does by signing up to be Katie’s partner at the fashion show. Adam tells Katie that he’s transgender, and she responds by saying she sees him as being just one of the guys. At the fashion show, Katie catches a glimpse of Adam’s chest and gives an awkward face, but says everything’s fine when Adam asks her what’s wrong. Backstage Adam asks Marisol the scoop on Katie, and Marisol tells him that because of his physical characteristic (aka boobs) he might not be Katie’s type.

Adam is even more determined to have a surgery to on his chest, but his mom doesn’t want him to because he’s still growing. She says if the therapist is okay with it, then Adam can have the surgery. However, Adam accidentally reveals in a meeting with the therapist that his main motivation at the moment for the surgery is because of a girl, and they decide against it. Adam had a great time hanging out with Katie, and asks her out to the movies. But she says she doesn’t like him in a romantic way. Adam feels rejected, but he signs up for a FTM forum to chat with other trans guys who have gone through or are going through what he is now as far as his body’s maturation is concerned.

Ahhh yes, a guy liking a girl because she’s nice to him, but she doesn’t really have feelings for him…I feel your pain, Adam.

What makes this plot stand out is that for the second time in as many weeks we’ve seen Adam making hasty, poor decisions in an attempt to be accepted by just one person. In Season 10 it felt like he was just trying to be accepted by society in general. Now the focus has become narrowed, and we’re seeing that his eagerness to be accepted by specific people is hindering him…first with Dave, now with Katie. It was cool that Adam threw it out there to Katie that he’s trans (and she was ok with it), but he went from a crush to “Hey we should go to college and study together” in 2.3904 seconds.

For the record, Katie did seem to be very flirty with Adam, even knowing that he’s trans. But maybe that’s what we were supposed to see; many of us want to see Adam with someone, so if some new girl is interacting with him she must like him right?

Chest reconstruction is a realistic option and there‘s no doubt Adam will do it someday, but it has to be done for the right reasons. This episode points out that Adam is comfortable with himself most of the time, but he becomes motivated to transform for other people and not himself when the chance to increase his sociability arises. And just like his body is growing, Adam still has some growing to do mentally.


PLOT C SUMMARY: Imogen is determined to play the role of “Clara” in the school play. So she decides to study Clare in order to be like her. She asks for Clare’s help, revealing that he wants to impress Eli. Clare agrees to help her if it’ll help Eli move on, as well as if Imogen agrees to make Clara seem more sympathetic. Imogen auditions and lands the role.

Imogen assumes she and Eli are a couple, but he tells her that he’s not in a place emotionally to handle a relationship right now. Imogen cooks up a plot by “thanking” Clare for helping her and giving her a gift card to Little Miss Steaks for her and Jake to use. Imogen makes sure to show up and have Eli meet her there while Clare and Jake are having dinner. Imogen and Eli “bump” into Clare and Jake, causing immediate tension. Imogen is all over Eli, who pushes her away and runs out. The next day Eli apologizes to Imogen for freaking out, and tells her that he realizes he’s not over Clare. He’s also hired Jake to work on the set, that way he can keep an eye on him.

Imogen is a riot. I enjoy her character, except when she jumps into extreme manipulation mode like she did in Part 2 (though I do admit her plan was clever). She thinks she can force Eli into liking her, but that’s just not going to happen as long as Clare is in the picture. I thought it was interesting that both Clare and Eli said at different points in the episode that they were over each other (Clare’s progress is far more than Eli’s as he says he‘s still working on it, but still).

But we can thank Imogen, who is the fuel for the Eclare flame that’s about to turn into a forest fire. And poor Jake, though his character is still “just there,” is caught in the crossfire. The more I watch the scene at Little Miss Steaks, the more I get confused. She went there because she wanted Clare to see her and Eli together. And in an earlier scene she was bragging about “getting the boy.” I’m not really grasping her motivation for “sticking it” to Clare as much as she does, other than an attempt to show Clare that she is better than her.

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  1. About KADAM
    I think katie is just weirded out by the fact that Adam is trans, but I believe she does like him, and also, Marisol IS a dumbass


  2. Its been a long time coming but this has been one my EP’s thus far. All the 3 plots were very stong. I hope I wont be to disappointed with part 2.

    I still don’t understand what Imogen said to Eli before she was about to audition. It kind of rambled through my head. Was she being Imogen trying to tell Eli that she is not ready for a dramatic relationship or was that Clara talking? Just confused.

    Adam and the problem of the physical side finally came out .

    I love Holly J but knowing that this donor wants 20,000. I have a feeling Mrs. Coyne will help her with the money issue. It sucks but there people who do that.


  3. “Maybe I’ve been on tumblr too much (it’s dominated by Eclare fans), but for some reason I’ve had a nagging voice in my head tell me that Clare isn’t over Eli…even with the whole Jake situation.”
    The nagging voice are the Eclare fans on tumblr XD
    The Degrassi tag on Tumblr at any given time has at least one post mentioning “Eclare is endgame” or “Eclare better come back soon” with at least 20+ notes >__>

    On a different note, all three plots are pretty great. Also as I said a few days ago, no matter how predictable the Holly J plot may be, Charlotte’s acting will make it worth watching.


  4. there is a quote from Imogen i would like to put out there: “I’m hungry” in a soft little innocent voice that made me realize: Imogen is Degrassi’s Luna Lovegood, except she makes the effort to be odd.


      1. Thats it thats why I love her so much I think right know even though she has only been on th show for so little she is one of my favorite charecter Luna was definatly my fave HP charecter. Its just every thing they say is so intreging and intresting I can’t wait till she has a larger plot


    1. Luna is naturally eccentric while Imogen doesn’t know what the hell she is. She manipulates people in an effort to make herself look like the better or more interesting person. Luna would NEVER do something so vindictive. She’s all heart while Imogen is a total head case. Regardless, homegirl is definitely interesting to watch. I just wouldn’t be so quick to throw her into the Lovegood (doesn’t the name say it all?) category.


      1. That’s a good point, but I still somehow feel they’re similar. But maybe that’s just me. (Oh, but I think we can ALL agree that Imogen is Very entertaining!!)


  5. I really liked Clare in this episode, but if she doesn’t still have feelings for Eli I am going to be thoroughly disappointed. That would mean she wasn’t emotionally invested in the relationship and my opinion of EClare being the sweetest and most genuine couple will be shot.


  6. What bothered me was the fact that throughout the whole episode Holly J’s mom was playing dumb and it baffled me that “Hey you should probably tell her before she dies!! DUH!! STOP PLAYING DUMB!” but this was a great episode!


  7. It annoyed me how Ms. Sinclair was being stupid.. Like did it occur to her that Holly J was really sick? Also, another thing that bothered me is that Holly J was so full of energy in the first scene, but the next scene at the catwalk she’s like emotionally dead.. Like I know that she found out she had to get a kidney and take dialysis every day and she was probably scared of having no one in her family have her blood type, but seriously, it was just a complete change.

    All 3 plots are keeping me entertained so far, so this episode has the potential to go in my big book with Paper Planes, Cry Me a River & Spring Fever. I’m not surprised though, Holly J is like my favorite character..

    Another thing that I just remembered that bothered me is from the start, it was obvious she was adopted.. It just seemed like she kept looking for more evidence even though she knew in her head that she was adopted and it was just a waste of time in my opinion.. They should have shown her doubts about being adopted and tell Fiona “There’s a logical explanation for this” or something like that because it felt like she knew she was adopted, just looking for more evidence.

    Also, I like the little things writers do like the whole Type A-attitude and Type A-blood type. Stuff like that are cool.

    As far as Kadam, Katie likes Adam’s personality I think, just not the fact that he has a girl’s body.. And I might have a feeling that Adam “changing” for her might scare her or freak her out. Poor Adam. :/


    1. something else that made me say no no no freaking no! all through out the holly J plot was well did the stupid writers ever take Biology couse if they did they would learn that Your Blood type has nothing to do with your family. And to Fionas comment: no she can not count on Declen to give her a transplant if necsary just because there twins (not identical) because most of the time even twins have differnt blood types!


  8. That was a letdown. All my hopes and dreams down the tubes. They could have really tied Holly J into the Degrassi-verse, but alas, now we have random Dawn.

    They have to stop throwing out years since that starts bugging me. So HJ was put up for adoption in 1994 at 11 months, meaning she was born in 1993, which would only make her 16 based upon the Degrassi timeline.


    1. The Degrassi timeline is in the 2010-2011 school year. They jumped ahead after Season 9 to catch up and match it with the actual date.


  9. Holly J’s story line is interesting. I’m more into in now that mom takes a big role.

    Imogen: Ohh i was starting to like her! Wow she’s a sneaky little bitch!!! Go Eli and shoot her down!!! Hahah!!!

    Clare: awkward moment with her man Jake with Evil Imogen and Eli… I feel bad for her :/

    Adam: i feel bad for him as well.


  10. Degrassi is really bad at their timeline because in the last episode Holly J said she had her first Christmas in 1993, which means she would be past 11 months in 1994 :/ and LMAO at Imogen’s lost hopes and dreams sorry but her ultimate manipulating backfired on her, badly. This was a great episode even with the predictability of Holly J’s plot, though I didn’t expect the end!


  11. Okay, Dawn’s a bitch… I don’t care how little we saw of her. That’s your child who you gave up for adoption 17 years ago! You have the nerve to ask for TWENTY thousand dollars? This is an organ that she will DIE without… I’d really like to know what her reason behind this is. Her kids are not babies; they look 6, maybe 5 years old. So why the hell do you need $20,000 dollars on the spot???




      1. “Louis Vuitton” LMAO. Sometimes I come here just to read your comments. Lol. Holly J’s birth mom is such a jerk! She is totally using her!

        Holly J: A
        Adam: B
        Clare/Imogen: A


    2. I agree with u rockerboy, like what fucking bitch. How dare she ask for money??? I mean she’s holly j’s ACTUAL mother. I no she put her up for adoption but how r u gonna ask ur child for that kind of money given up for adoption or not????


  12. Holly J. won’t die because, Stephen Stohn tweeted a picture of the seniors at graduation. & if you saw the plot for Take A Bow (2) you’d see that Holly J. gets the surgery.


  13. Jake is literally a lumberjack. They not only dress him like the guy on the roll of Brawny paper towels, but now Jake is in charge of putting together sets for Eli’s play.

    He’s still a boring drip and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I’d like to see more Emogen w/o any Clare or Jake’s looming in the background. I really hope this isn’t just a long, painful road back to Eclare. I’d like to see Eli have a legitimate chance to move on.


  14. Someone took the burden and financial difficulties of raising a child for you and you ask them for $20,000.. I know she’s in a difficult position, but she needs to open her eyes and realize she’s not the only one in the world with problems.. What if the Sinclair’s can’t afford it (assuming the Coynes don’t do a thing which I know wouldn’t happen), would she be okay with letting her first child, her daughter die?

    I know Holly J is really sick, but ugh, I just wish she had a little bit more emotion. Part 1 was fine but her reaction to having stage N kidney failure or whatever was.. uhh.. Charlotte Arnold is a good actor and I think that that was one of her weakest scenes. :/

    I feel bad for Adam, but Katie.. what is she thinking? I was sure she didn’t like Adam’s body but liked him as a person (which isn’t very nice but I don’t know how I would feel about dating a girl that’s still has male parts)..

    Imogen is such an interesting character.. And Eli.. oh Eli.. That plot was solid too, but it’s all just a setup for Lose Yourself and Extraordinary Machine.. One thing that annoys me is that in Dirt off your Shoulder, Eli and Imogen were all together, even in Should’ve Said No when Clare was leaving a note, but now Imogen is a random theater groupie.. lmao..

    Holly J: A-
    Kadam: A
    Climogen (hehe) and Eli: B+


  15. HAHA!!! Yes!!! I’m so happy imogen got turned down like that. She’s nothing but a sneaky little bitch who I have no tolerence for. BITCH SHOULD HAVE KNOWN HER PLACE. Tried to mess with Clare to get to Eli and all she did was make Eli want Clare more. I couldn’t be happier rite now :)


    1. You are stupid. This isn’t the Eli and Clare show, nor is this the ECLARE show. I swear, you are one annoying fan. Imogen didn’t deserve to be turned down like that. It’s obvious she likes Eli, her ways of trying to get it aren’t the best. Plus, Eli led her on. Remember him whispering in her ear in front of Clare? Yeah.
      Seriously, you Eclare fans are annoying as hell.


  16. ::SPOILERS::

    Yea Imogen is clearly a sociopath and mind manipulator, I’m pretty excited as I have been waiting for Degrassi to do this story for years. The way she tricked that teacher into believe she tripped over the equipment, to her emotional manipulation of Eli, to her manipulation of Claire…and then her stunned look when Eli hired Jake as the play’s carpenter. (It’s like she thought for a moment that Eli was onto her and had decided to become friends with Jake.)

    As for Holly J’s step mom…wow. I have a feeling she’s up to something sinister, I could see her asking for a few thousand because that would take her away from work for quite some time. 20,000 dollars however, is just a shocking amount of money. What is she a drug addict? I also find it odd that she’s a single mother, you’d think Holly J would have been a good example to not rush into anything with the next guy. Isn’t there something highly illegal about asking someone to give you money for an organ transplant? Correct me if I’m wrong here…anyway she’s sketchy as hell.


    1. Yes! I worked in transplant services in the donor coordination office (for people and families to realize if being a donor is for them, tell them what being a donor is, helping families who have lost someone and are donating on their behalf etc) and we have to sit them down and say that compensation is very illegal (i’m in the USA but i think the same is for Canada) so for that Holly J’s mom is extra shady!


  17. Even though Landon left Degrassi for good, I’d still like some closure with that, I feel Holly J never got that and they never showed her truely being over him. Declan is even mentioned time to time. Wanting to see this so bad but it probably won’t happen.


    1. I’d like to see Holly J become a bitch again but that probably won’t happen again either.

      I will laugh if one of the killed off cast members turns out to be Blu.


  18. Anybody else confused on how Eli made it seem like he and Imogen were close friends in DOYS but in these past two episodes, he didn’t treat her as such?

    To me it feels like another inconsistency on the writer’s part but I feel someone can say “Oh Eli’s emotions are moving all the time he could hate her now”. However it still feels wrong since he had a nickname for her a few episodes back but now treats her almost like a stranger.


      1. That dosen’t change the fact that they where out side togther, alone, before she ever got there but it oviusly is true that when clare got there he flirted like only Eli can flirt. SWOON! haha anyway I thougth it was tootally weird myself and I would like to see Eli with a differnt person and get a chance to move on for once and for all but this is DEGRASSI so I guess it couldn’t be that simple could it


    1. It confused me too. I thought he was kind of smitten with Imogen. But he is off his meds too. Hopefully maybe Imogen makes him take his pills In Extraordinary Machine EP.
      Its getting to soapy for me.


    2. I think he was acting that way because he was fresh off his medication. Now he’s probably transitioning his emotions back to normal and realizing he only like Imogen as a way to stick it to Clare or a way to stick it to his feelings for Clare, He’s realizing Imogen is just really really weird. Eli is artistic and does things on the whim of his emotions, which most artistic people are like. Imogen just has some serious mental issues. As i recall from her character profile i read, she does it just to does it. She doesn’t come from an emotional or broken background….she must be a sociopath or something, in a link to being a manipulator and getting a high off of people’s reactions (and luckily not the interest in death/murder)


  19. Wow. This episode was a total let down.
    Katie and Adam thing was seen for a mile away. She was not even into him that way. Not after she got a glimpse of Jordans honkers.ahahahahah
    Emo and Cake bore me to death. They these couple up so mush this summer that they are such disapointments.
    Holly J. Well . Part 1 was fantastic. Part 2 not so much. everything was so predictable. Right down to the t. But the scene that bothered me the most was the end. What did this lady say in exactly less then 2 minutes for Holly J to understand and say Oh OK.
    “Hey Yeah. SOOO are you excited to hear the new? Well yeah I am a complete match. Great right? Yeah there is just one thing, I cant just give you my Kidneys. Your Lucky I gave you life. So I want 20Gs right upfront. You know how it is. I got kids now. And well they are important. Well more then you. Ok well great talking to you. let me know when you have the cash flow. Ok bye”


    1. oh almost forgot! I really need for the writers to incorporate a scene where both Clare and Eli’s characters are talking to someone else about what they think about each other. All we keep getting is Clare saying she has a boyfriend and she’s over it and Eli still being kind of obsessive about Clare.

      Personally I think Clare has moved on in terms of wanting a relationship with Eli, but she has some unresolved feelings about the state of their relationship and how things ended, which it would be nice to see them be able to hash out.

      Also I’m already kinda wearing thin on the idea of Eli still vying for Clare’s affection…like what is the deal? It’s past time for him to build a bridge and get over it. Also quick future prediction: I think in the scene where Eli says to Clare “I need to be the guy you fell in love with” and she responds “I broke up with that guy” that it is the night of the play and I think Eli may be talking to Clare about being nervous about the play being successful NOT their relationship. I just really noticed that in that scene he’s wearing the exact same outfit he had on at Vegas night.

      K now i’m done! Sowie : /


  20. Hmm so ‘U Don’t Know’ didn’t turn out quite like I expected, after the episode was over I felt incomplete. Like many on here have said part 1 was solid and was an excellent foundation to build on for part 2, but for me part 2 just seemed to be lacking…i’m not entirely sure why.

    Holly J- Again the story line itself is not rocking my socks off, but I am happy to have Charolotte Arnold in a main plot, and its also nice to add another plot to the mix that isn’t relationship-driven. Like others on here have said I just could not believe Dawn’s gall, like what kind of person asks their firstborn who they gave up for adoption for $20,000 for a kidney? Aside from the fact that its illegal its really just disgusting. Ok your a single mom but all of a sudden today you need 20K? For what?!? Despite Deadbeat Dawn I am glad that Holly J’s storyline will continue & isn’t just being wrapped up with a bow like Degrassi can do sometimes. Her health issues need to be dealt with a little bit further, so i’m glad the Degrassi storyline is allowing for that.

    Adam- For some reason Adam relationship plots have yet to really do it for me and I think its because Adam in relationship is always too extreme. We went from flirty banter with Katie in part 1 to ready to do chest reconstruction in part 2. What really helped me to put the quick swings of emotion was Adam’s mother mentioning that he’s only 15. At that age you are truly all over the place, which made me evaluate Adam’s actions when it comes to girls a little less harsh.

    Imogen! For me part 2 was all about Imogen, it was almost like she had her own plot and Eli, Clare and Jake were her supporting cast. I see that there are still alot of mixed emotions about her character, much of which I speculate has to do with her role in interferring with such a loved Degrassi couple but I LOVE her character. Thinking of Imogen outside of the context of the love quadrangle there is no other character on the show quite like her, which makes it soo entertaining to watch. I love that there is both a light and dark side to her. When she dove over the computer monitor or put Eli’s hand on her chest she seemed so sweet and almost naive but then when she confronted Clare at Little Miss Steaks I thought she was going to choke Clare out at the dinner table. I like these two sides of her.

    Also I really hope to see a Dalli main plot this season! I don’t want Dave and Alli to just be supporting characters for all of Now or Never.


  21. Poor Katie…first they have her going after the ugly new kid and now the tranny with a butch haircut wants her. The Twilight knockoff is only episodes away as well.

    She could do so much better…even Anya’s pedophile doctor would be an upgrade over those three

    Same goes for Imogen as well. Let Eli have a threeway with the Incest Couple(clare and jake) for all I care or have Rick return from the dead and kill them all.

    She has a good character and she’ll just be fodder for this crap.


  22. I took Imogen’s plan as she wanted Eli to see that Clare has officially moved on since she would be out on a ‘date’ with Jake, not to show Clare that she was with Eli.


    1. Yea I agree. She definitely wasn’t trying to stick it to Clare. She wanted Eli to see that Clare has a new boyfriend to get him to try to move on and be with her instead. Unfortunately, it just backfired on her (which was hilarious to watch btw lol)


      1. That was not funny at all. I went through something simular (I was The Clare Part my friend was the Imogen part funny now we are best friends.) and it was humiliting and embarrassing for all parties. Mostly Imogen. I hope you never go through that.


      2. LOL relax. It’s just a 30 min television show. I was talking about the scene where Eli tells Imogen that he wasn’t over Clare. It wasn’t that I thought Imogen’s “heartbreak” was funny, it was the fact that her devlous little plan took an unexpected turn and totally backfired on her. That’s exactly why you don’t play games with people’s emotions – things usually don’t end up the way you want. If she hadn’t orchestrated the entire thing, I would’ve felt bad for her, but she kinda brought it on herself.


    2. That’s what I thought, too. I assumed Imogen was just furthering her plan to help Eli move on, so that he can become infatuated with her. She was expecting Eli to see Clare and Jake together and happy and suddenly have the hots for her, I guess. I also think Imogen is very jealous of Clare and is putting herself in some kind of competition against Clare that only she knows about.


  23. I also though it was hilarious when Eli told Imogen that they weren’t dating earlier in the episode, particularly the “you understand” lmao


  24. This EP through me for a loop. I really thought Eli like Imogen. I know Imogen was in the wrong at Miss Little Steaks and Eli did apologized. But it was heartbreaking watching her face when Eli realized he is still not over Clare. I did Cry. I know how she felt.

    Holly J Boy, that really sucks 20,000 thats a lot of moola to fork up. Hopefully Mama Coyne or Fiona may help.

    Adam can’t get a break. I do understand why Katie was weirded out. But at least Adam was strong about it and now doing his homework about being a FTM and the repercussions about it.

    This was the 2nd most heartbreaking thus far.


  25. This pretty random lol but wouldn’t dawns kids be holly j’s little half sister and brother?? (I assume she didn’t have them with the same guy considering she said he left her as soon as he found out she was pregnant with holly j)


  26. I don’t understand why EClare shippers hate Imogen so much. Without her, Eli and Clare would have no reason to interact. Like Kary said, Imogen is stirring a pot that’s been simmering on the back burner. Jake will be doing the same thing in tomorrow’s episode.

    So, to all the EClare fangirls: chill.


  27. I hope when she gets better she’ll perk up again and be that sexy bitch again (or at least just look like the old holly j who had some attitude and personality other than tired).


  28. EMO – They look cute together, but Eli does not like Imogen. The only time he shows any interest in her is when she is playing clara, or if he is trying to make clare jealous. So as if of right now, it doesn’t look to good for Imogen.

    Kadam – I never thought Katie liked Adam, it seemed like she was using him for a possible artile on being transgendered.

    Holly J – It’s amazing to see how Holly J has evolved. I can’t wait to see what happens next


    1. That’s what I thought too aboutwhat katie was going to do to Adam. I was waiting for a possible mention of that… it would have made the plot slighty more interesting (since its the slightly diffrent equivalent of Adam and fionas)


  29. I agree with your review.

    I loved HJ’s story. I think watching both MuchMusic and TeenNick promos will give too much away. I may start just watching one or the other. But this story was still great. They didn’t make it over dramamtic, but it was still heart breaking seeing Holly J be told that she might not get to go to Yale. And then Dawn had the nerve to ask her for money. Poor Holly J. I loved how Fiona offered to donate, their friendship has come so far.

    I was hoping Kadam would happen, but when I read about Marisol/Drew/Katie, I started to wonder. I think they could have been cute, but I am glad they focused more on Adam instead of Adam and Katie. His story is still being told quite well.

    And Imogen is a fun character, But I hope we see her developed into more than the ultimate Eli Fan Girl.


  30. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m really loving the Dave/Adam friendship. It’s amazing how both Dave and Alli have become likable characters again, this season. I hope they stay that way.


  31. Imogen merely got what she deserved, so I don’t feel sorry for her at all. Everyone’s theorizing like crazy about why Imogen is the way she is, but it’s getting out of hand. All we know about her is what we’ve seen on screen and her character descriptions. So judging from that, she is primarily a manipulative girl who will do whatever it takes to get what she wants regardless of anyone else’s feelings. I’m supposed to feel bad that she got what was coming to her after hurting Eli and Clare the way she did? Watching Eli continually reject Imogen was sweet, sweet vindication.

    Could Holly J’s kidney dilemma turn into a legal battle? What Dawn’s doing can’t be legal. I’m excited to see where this plot heads. Though predictable at first, the end has opened up many possibilities for future plot lines.

    I like the idea of Kadam, but I’m so weary of relationship plot lines for Adam, so I’m glad the episode went in the direction of Adam taking it upon himself to learn more about what it’s like to be trans.

    Overall, this has been one of the strongest episodes of the season thus far! All three plots were excellent, so I hope this week ends on a strong note.


  32. I really miss the Holly J/Anya friendship. There is no reason why Fiona should be the only person encouraging HJ as she goes through this ordeal. I realize Anya is set on a whole different course this season, but it’s a glaring ommision not seeing Anya visit her friend at the hospital.

    I would also expect Sav to get involved too. I realize they broke up, but I still think they left off as good friends. Heck, I’d even take Chantay supporting Holly J too!


  33. I’m not really into Imogen. She’s definitely different, but her whispery, whiny voice really gets on my nerves. Also, those fuzzy ears she was wearing in part 2 of these episodes gave me serious flashbacks to highschool…there was a girl in my class who wore fuzzy earmuffs IN SCHOOL (insisting that they looked “cute”…she switched to wearing Matrix-esque sunglasses in class the following year), was about 4 foot nothing, had this weird habit of looking down my blouse during art class, dangled huge scissors above my head, sang to herself, and went into these weird trance-like states during which she talked to the ceiling.


      1. Oh my god, I as well had a creeper who wore the fluffy ears and a tail around high school for no damn reason, along with a black, bowl-cut wig, and told us she was a ‘kitty’. Imogen’s look was far less disturbing but the sight of the ears still made me cringe.


  34. Kary, I think imogen wanted to bring Eli to little miss steaks to show him that clare had already moved on. She was probably hoping that after seeing clare with Jake, Eli would realize that clare moved on to another relationship so he should move on too. But her plan backfired when he said he wasn’t over clare at all. Just my thoughts on it…


  35. Throwing in my two cents regarding the Imogen argument. I think the easiest way to figure out what she’s all about is by examining her name. It’s the same name as the princess from Shakespeare’s Cymbeline, a play that depicts misinterpretation via manipulation. It’s completely ironic in that Shakespeare’s Imogen is actually Clare– a good and virtuous soul whose reputation is tarnished by Iachimo (basically the male version of Degrassi’s Imogen). The entire play focuses on the male lead’s (Posthumus or Eli) perception of his lover and how Iachimo manages to convince him that she has been unfaithful and deceptive. Sound familiar?? It’s all about breaking the bonds between two people for personal gain. Imogen seems torn between tarnishing Clare’s reputation with Eli and actually “becoming” Clare in an effort to get the boy. She is totally obsessed with getting Eli and has no concern for what her behavior might do to him– as long as she gets what she wants in the end, what does it matter? Imogen is a righteous foil, the total opposite of Clare in that she is all mental while Clare is all heart. I cannot WAIT to see how she mucks things up!! Oh, and the promo for Lose Yourself had me rolling. The “evil laugh of doom” coming from Eli was priceless- homeboy is damn entertaining.

    As for the rest of the show, I enjoyed the bit with Kadam though it got a bit tedious in the second half. Adam has a tendency to jump the gun on a lot of things. As witty and sharp as he may seem, he’s still the “body” in that he doesn’t think things through– he wants that immediate material gratification without considering the consequences. Besides, I’m not Katie’s biggest fan thus far. She’s just so…linear. She reminds me of a cardboard box. Plain, boring, and square as hell. I’m dying to see what’s inside the box because I KNOW there’s gotta be something more to her than what we see now.

    And as for Holly J, I found the plot pretty solid though exceptionally predictable. Did anyone else keep thinking of Miranda from SATC when they met Dawn? They look very similar! I don’t know what to think about the organ transplant thing. On the one hand, I feel for Holly J because you’d think that someone would be willing to go out on a limb for you– especially your real mom. Yet, on the other hand, she IS a single mom. What if one of her other children needed a kidney down the road? There are a lot of elements that factor into this decision and asking for money is not all that far-fetched, however insensitive it may seem. I think that Dawn is probably just thinking about her own little family. She emotionally separated herself from Holly J long ago so it really is like a stranger asking for a vital organ. Personally, I would never ask for money but then, I’m not Dawn. Everyone has there own reasons for the things that they do. We can’t expect them to adhere to what we might do just because we think it’s the right thing. The choices of others are based on thought patterns and circumstances that we are not privy to– that’s what makes each of us unique and individual.

    One thing I wanted to comment on– I do not think that relationships are completely mental. Emotion and feeling are a large part of a connective bond. If there were no feeling, consequence would have no impact on us. It is feeling that gives expression, creation, consequence, and thought MEANING. Emotion is as much a part of relationships as mentality. It’s balance- mind, body, and heart- and when one of those elements is denied, the relationship suffers. It’s actually interesting– the Emogen plot is about the mind, the Kadam plot is about the body, and the Holly J plot is about the heart. Hmmm, one might think the writers are up to something…


  36. did anyone noticed how imogen totally checked eli out from head to toe on the scene at little miss and the way eli was staring at clare and jake when he caught them kissing. priceless. lol


  37. Loved this episode the only plot that I kinda lost interest in was kadam becuz it’s the same old situation where Adam likes a girl and it dosent work out. My grades: holly j plot- A
    Kadam plot- C
    C,J,E,I plot- A


  38. Holly J – I liked this plot. It definitely brought Holly J back for me. After last season, I thought Holly J was done. However, this plot, although predictable, really made her shine more. Her being adopted was, as previously said, predictable. But I liked how the writers went about it. Needing a transplant is scary, period. Seeing Holly J struggle through that and finding out that she was adopted at 11 months really brought forth the terrific acting. The way she was kept in character the whole time was well done. Holly J, being a type A (which the jokes were just too perfect) person, it would’ve been out of character for her to immediately get emotional about being adopted. So, her taking initiative in finding her birth mom in order to survive reinforced her personality. Once again, although predictable, I liked that her birth mother seemed totally different than her. Making her a random character not in the Degrassi universe actually made it more realistic because even though its a small world, its not that small. When she backed out of asking for a kidney, Holly J really showed development. Breaking down about asking for a vital organ made me realize that Holly J is a well rounded character. When she first got sick last season, most of us weren’t really into it because it was random, but now, her apatheticness has really brought her storyline in a full circle. The ending was interesting. Asking for money for an organ is something I didn’t expect. I wonder how this will play out, and quite honestly, I’m excited for this plot to continue on later.

    Adam – After Cry Me A River, I thought that the physical issues of being FTM for Adam were over. I didn’t actually think Degrassi was willing to go this far into surgery territory. However, I realized that there was hinting to this in Cry Me A River at the end. This plot was a refresher for me. Instead of putting the physical issues right in our faces like Cry Me A River, the wrtiers took a gentler approach. Adam’s interaction with Katie didn’t seem one sided at all. Then again, i think most of us want Adam to be happy so badly that any interaction with any girl will come off to us as a possible relationship. Contrary to what Kary said, I don’t think that this season is about Adam being accepted by individuals. In my opinion, I see this season for Adam as the season of insecurities. Each character brings out an insecurity in himself. For example, Dave brought out Adam’s insecurities about his lower region of the body and about using the men’s bathroom. Katie, on the other hand, brought out his insecurities in his physical appearance as far as his chest goes. To me, this plot had a smooth transition from playful flirting in part 1 to a more serious, physical topic for FTMs. The ending didn’t really wrap up the plot for me because we didn’t really get to see inside of Katie’s head. it was very Adam centric instead of Kadam centric. Joining an online community was a big step and I think was a good tool to get the point across that transgendered students aren’t alone in the world. There are others. I hope to see somethign involving Katie and Adam again but more from Katie’s point of view.

    Imogen – I loved this plot. Two main reasons: one, it was in Imogen’s perspective. Two, it was a C plot. After the Boiling Point (perhaps even then) any plot involving Eli and/or Clare was automatically an A plot. Not to mention the fact that the plot would center around them and their point of view. This plot was different and refreshing. We got insight into Imogen’s character and were able to follow the development between Clare/Jake and Eli/Clare and Eli/Jake. For beign off his meds, Eli seems semi-calm. The only time we saw him go crazy was at Little Miss Steaks and it wasn’t even that wild. However, I like that Imogen was trying so hard. Clare helping Imogen means that mental she has moved on. Her rational side told her that Imogen could help Eli move on. But I got a feeling that emotionally Clare isn’t quite over him. She did look a bit unnerved at Imogen liking Eli and her ‘getting the buy.’ This plot moved well and had good writing. The audition was perfect. The kiss followed by Eli’s distance only solidifies that he isn’t over Clare yet. He kissed Clara (Clare) and not Imogen, that’s what we need to understand. At first, lying to Clare confsued me. Was her main objective to get Eli or make Clare jealous? I’m still not sure. I think that Imogen wants both. She wants to be with Eli but mainly if it makes Clare jealous. Showing Clare/Jake at Little Miss Steaks allowed us to stay with their storyline. So, I assume that they are officially together. Which obviously leads Eli to allow Jake to help with the sets in order to keep an eye on him and ‘get him out of the picture.’ I’m looking forward to next episode to see where this love triangle (more so a triangle than a square now) goes. I hope to get a plot in Jake’s point of view, but looks like the next one will be in Clare’s. Oh, and by the way, Imogen’s oddness disappated this episode. When she was copying Clare and talking with her in part 1 it was there. But in part 2 it was gone. Bring it back!

    I have to say, I am really lovign the friendships this season. They really make the plots more believeable.

    Holly J/Fiona – I didn’t really like this friendship last season. Maybe it was because it reminded me of Paige and Alex (enemies turned best friends). To me, it seemed like they were forced together. However, this season has really made me love their friendship. Fiona’s support and willingness to give Holly J a kidney was great. But, it is how real she was with Holly J that made me enjoy watching their friendship. I think I might miss this friendship. While I hope that Fiona makes new friends (other than just Eli), I also hope that they will continue to have Fiona and Holly J be friends.

    Dave/Adam – I wasn’t sure about this one. It seemed predictable after Cry Me A River. But I like it. A lot. Dave’s support for Adam was oddly enjoyable. Even when he told Adam what he didn’t want to hear. Not to mention his awkwardness about the situation. It almost made my day. I found it a bit odd that Adam would ask Dave to look at his chest after the things he said, but I assume that in the Degrassi universe they have had time to bond and grow closer. While I hope that Dave and Adam continue to interact and be close this season, I also hope the writers didn’t forget about the Adam/Eli bromance going on.

    next episode:

    Excited for the Kenna plot because it would be nice to see something other than KC trying to get out of being a father. Can’t wait to see Jenna back at Degrassi and see KC try to keep his interaction with Marisol in check. I hope Marisol doesn’t pull a Bianca and tell Jenna about her and KC.

    Looking forward to seeing Jake and Eli interact more and more. Especially after Eli realized he still isn’t over Clare at all. Being off his meds gives the writers a lot of leeway about his actions and reactions to everyone and everything. Part of me hopes he trys to kill Jake (one, I don’t like Jake and two, it would be kind of epic). But more of me hopes that he ‘befriends’ Jake while making Clare think otherwise. That way, Clare is the one that seems to not be over Eli causing her to rethink her feelings. Eventually, I think that Clare and Eli will gravitate towards each other. Perhaps they don’t end up together, but I have a feeling that by the end of season 11, they will be.


    1. I think you wrote more than Kary did.

      Good plots. Though I wish they were saved for the Wed-Thurs two partners as these two coming up look like they are going to be a let down.


  39. Have to agree with your reivew for the Kadam part of the episode and while I’m hoping Katie will change her mind and just go for it. I liked that they introduced the new binder vest or compression vest as a much better option then surgery.


  40. I believe the real reason Imogen wanted to show up at Little Miss Steaks is to show Eli that Clare has moved on, to try and officially get into his life. It wasn’t to rub it in Clare’s face at all. She said she got the boy to Clare more so because, well, she believed she did, but also to say it out loud to make it true.


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