(l) Pic of Degrassi lot, courtesy of Stefan Brogren. (r) Overhead shot of the Epitome Pictures lot, courtesy of Google Maps.


I apologize for the lack of updates recently…there has been NOTHING out there in Degrassi land about Season 9 except for TeenNick’s promos (which you can view here).  Well the good news is we’re halfway through September so the updates should start flowing in probably starting sometime next week, as we reach the October 4th premiere on CTV.

Meanwhile, the cast and crew were back in action today at the Epitome studios (doesn’t it seem like they’re always on a hiatus these days?).  They’ve begun shooting the 4-parter titled “The Rest of My Life” (920-923).  Looks like they’re churning out another feature-length film, and who can blame them with the success of Degrassi Goes Hollywood.

“The Rest of My Life” will be directed by Stefan Brogren.  Once they finish shooting for the 4-parter, they’re gonna go back and shoot episodes 917-919 (ep. titles unknown).

In other news, there had been NO word about the return of Liberty (Sarah Barrable-Tishauer) in Season 9…until Sunday.  Thanks to some rabid Liberty fans harrassing The Exec all summer, he finally said she WILL make an appearance this season.

Also, TeenNick will have another every-episode-ever Degrassi marathon starting Friday October 2nd.  Scattered throughout the marathon will be sneak peaks of the new season (I’m sure the sneak peaks will air during primetime).  And maybe they’ll even TELL us when Degrassi premieres on TeenNick…I think they really enjoy holding that kind of news until the last possible moment.


Posted by Kary


  1. who ever wrote this extended blog about Degrassi really didn’t give it justice! It was a great season! ALL of the actors/actesse’s have GREAT acting skills otheriwse they wouldn’t be on the show! & Mia + Peter is a great match!!! & you didnt even menbtion KC, claire, or anya or Sab, Spinner!!!!
    It was a great season!!!!!!!!
    & the smithdale students ARE needed! they have been on the show since season 1 and noone wants them to go!!
    Just how we all felt with JT!
    this entire thing is opinionized!



    1. “this entire thing is opinionized!” <— Really? When did you notice? This site provides a lot of news, but I also inject my opinion about the show as well because it would be boring otherwise.

      P.S. I THOROUGHLY disagree with your statement about ALL of the actors/actresses having great acting skills. You must have very low standards when it comes to acting if that's the case. If the writers can actually give the Smithdale students INTERESTING storylines, then I'd love for them to stay…but that won't happen, so they're useless. As much as I love Manny, them being on the show since season 1 isn't an excuse to just have them hang around without adding anything significant to the show.



      1. i agree. season 9 smithdale characters are loved ones but they seems so pointless and out of place, and as happy as i am that they are here because they would be missed there just not nessasary because they make no interraction with the other cast. when marco and elli and paige were in university they made interaction with degrassi students and serious issues happened but nothing serious besides emma “blazing”(btw who uses the word blaze anymore?) happened at smithdale. they should interact with the cast back at degrassi especially seeing as connor is emmas foster brother. and snake is her step father. btw what happened to spike? i miss her. this is all i have to say. lol
        and i agree, pis was pointeless. even “bad boy, sone of satin peter. is above mia. personally, i have hated mia from the beggining. i think she is the most ungratefull, selfish bitchy excuse of a mother or student dgrassi has ever seen.”


  2. Hey check out this interview with Jake Epstein I found!!! It’s soo funny. I want to share it with the world!! It’s at http://www.themavroshow.com



  3. the new season premieres on TeenNick on Oct. 9th; the adds for the marathon say it’s one week long, leading up to the season premiere



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