[Updated as of Friday 11/6/09]


Get ready folks…this is your FIRST look at Degrassi Season 9!  This blog post is where I’ll keep a list of all the Season 9 promo vids from The-N.  Thanks to ACESonline for recording and uploading the promos.


***NEW S9 Promos***

907 (Beat It) Sneak Peak

907 (Beat It) Promo





Older S9 Promos

906 (Wanna Be Startin Something) Sneak Peek

906 (Wanna Be Startin Something) Promo

905 (You Be Illin’) Sneak Peek

905 (You Be Illin’) Promo

904 (Close To Me) Promo

903 (Shoot To Thrill) Promo

903 (Shoot To Thrill) Extended SNEAK PEEK


Degrassi On Set Promo: What’s Going Down

Degrassi On Set Promo: What Makes It Real?

Degrassi On Set: Who’s Most Like Their Character on the Show?

Degrassi On Set: Who’s The New Guy?


S9 SNEAK PEEK: Secret Photos


S9 SNEAK PEEK: Boyfriend Stealer

S9 SNEAK PEEK: Band Interrupted


Season 9 Promo 1

Season 9 Promo 2

Season 9 Promo 3

CTV Season 9 Promo (courtesy of Degrassi-Fans.com)

 “Get Ready for Degrassi” Marathon Promo

Degrassi is Back: Hookups!

Degrassi is Back Oct. 9th





Degrassi Gets Real: Alli

Degrassi Gets Real: Clare

Degrassi Gets Real: Dave

Degrassi Gets Real: Declan

Degrassi Gets Real: Holly J

Degrassi Get Real: Jane

Degrassi Gets Real: KC

Degrassi Gets Real: Peter

Degrassi Gets Real: Riley


The pics below are from The-N’s Season 9 promos…a couple of action shots as well as a few of the new Degrassi characters in action. 
Landon Liboiron will play Declan Coyne, the son of a politician.


Jamil French will play Dave, the cousin of Chantay (Jajube Mandiela).


Jessica Tyler will play Jenna.


KC (Sam Earle) after trashing the locker room.


Peter (Jamie Johnston) apparently having a breakdown.

73 thoughts

  1. so i know these “un-live” videos used to leak from the click..but how did you go about getting to see it..can i get a link too? :)


  2. thanks for the youtube links to the S9 promos. im liking the new slogan “its about to get real…” waahh why do they have to change it to TeeNick. R.I.P. The-N :(


  3. OMG! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!! God! poor Clare! KC better not be that big of an Ass! I love Clare and KC! Together and seprately. God! I want it to be Fall!!!!!!!


  4. goooddd cannnnooot waiit till season nine. I hate the fact that holly J and spinner r together what happened to Jane?!? O god I do NOT want a breakup for them! I reallly wanna know what happened to peter there ugh!!! Toooo excited. Btw too happy about degrassi goes Hollywood. It was awesome! Loooooov manny and jay…janny ;D


  5. The TeenNick ad with Holly J and Spinner is cuckoo bananas (to borrow a term). I’m wondering how THAT ends up going down!

    Other than that the promos are not so interesting yet, although I want to know what that scene of Peter freaking out is.

    Also, is it just me or does it look like you’re getting comment spammed?


    1. Yeah, some jerk went on a spam frenzy. :-/

      Spolly J is going to be interesting if it happens, but I’m torn because I really like Jane. I can’t wait until they start rolling out promos that *really* go there!


  6. okay what ive figured out is that… mia leaves after the second episode(which may cause peters breakdown),kc becomes a bigger charictor(which is good cause hes soo hott:)) but yes kc has a breakdown and trashes the locker room. ive also figured out that the theme song will be male vocals this year. unfortunalty as of now degrassi is dated to finally end its 11th season:(.also there will be scenes taking place at the degrassi pool and the fair is back(the last we saw from it was s5 when manny and craig went together).anya’s role is bigger(ew). from what i saw from the promos i think that…. declan and clare know each other(they both go to private school and he says he loves girls with boyfirneds), i think alli will streak?(she says shell wear what she wants or nothing at all),kc’s past will be revealed(exciting:)!),jane loses spinner(in the group promoshe says she could lose her love),holly j and spinner get together(the promo featuring nick cannon),either jenna or fiona will try to steal kc form clare(clare says shes”not jelouse”),holly j wanto get back at someone(anya? because she abandoned her.alli?she started that group on the internet.jane?shes with the guy she lvoes). and just a guess…dave (the new charictor who is chantey’s cousin)will be the annoying boy,the way jt was portrayed in his early days at degrassi(seasons 1 and 2) i dont know he just reminds me of the 12 year old jt. okay well if you read all this you should be as excited as i am! k thanks bye:)


  7. omg great picz i cant wait 4 season 9 i tell all my friends o.m.g season 9 is comeinq is jenna goinq 2 go out with KC wat goinq 2 happen with alli and jhonny i have a lot of question rite no but im in a hurry so …… i cant wait 4 season 9 and if season 9 is good o.m.g amagine season 10 wow lmao well i have 2 gooo im goinq 2 that mall guys byyeeeee xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


  8. hey i can’t wait until DEGRASSI SEASON 9 and the NEW CHARTERS JESSICA DAVE and DECLAN(i think that his name i for get how to spell it)

    please View my youtube page i am going to put up Videos about Degrassi and the Season 9 just tell me wat u want me to put on it


    and add me on youtube and please Subscrib to meeee PLEASE>>>>


    1. People watching The-N have seen the promo, but no one has uploaded it online yet…whenever ACESonline or whoever uploads it, I’ll post the link


  9. Hey fellow degraasi fans. I was just wondering, remember the degrassi promo about a year ago when apparently someone on the football team caled peter gay to hide their being gay(probably Riley) and he was going to tell all the football players and cheerleaders at lunch? Whatever happened to that? Did they like cut it out of the show and use a different plot or what?


  10. I’m uploading Declan/Fiona right now on youtube. I’ll give you the link when it’s done. The quality isn’t the best though.


  11. thank you SO much for the declan/fiona and peter/sav promo! it’s good to see that somebody tries to get promos that are so hard to fine for the eager fans;)


    1. all these people love mia? i think she is the most butchest excuse for a mother, it was cool when she actually spent time with her daughter but bella totally disapeared this season. oh and btw whats she gonna do with it when she goes to paris, dump her in a trash can?


    1. thank you thank you for that promo! it makes more sense now why spinner and jane break up. aww but poor jane! declan’s is just gonna play with her emotions :( alli looked like she was getting ready to go streaking or something. crazyy!!! dave looks like a little punk, i hope bruce beats his ass haha! there was a quick glimpse of manny, so i’m interested in seeing what that’s about. and since when does jane sing?? haha


  12. i thought the declan prom was the best…it was pretty sick and i thought it was kinda funny in a way…but i think he’s really cute <3. can't wait for the new season!!


  13. Manny will definately be in season 9. She’s seen laughing and having a good time in the back to school promo when Jane is singing on stage.


  14. i hate anya too..she whines alot..but i like manny and mia..more mia cause she acts soo well and she’s really prettyy:)anyone watch the vampire diaries!??


  15. I heard that in one episode Riley hooks up with Fiona and rapes Declan. Is that true? I mean is understandable that he would go after Fiona to prove that he is not gay but since Fiona is Declan’s sister he finds himself closer to hottie Declan and I dont think he is gonna resist the temptation and make a move on him as well and maybe the rape happens.
    I dont know if any of this is true but it does sound like a darn good plot if you ask me.


  16. omg omg omg i kant wait til friday declan looks sssssssssooooooo hot hes already my backdrop foshiz lol havnt sed that in a while hahaha ive seen every episode of degrassi im obssesed i am in love with landon im of course having a promere party duh lol omg omg omg its monday and i have 4 more days til declan is an official member hehe


  17. cant wait for new season to start. first i want to say is declan reminds me of sebastian in cruel intentions.played by ryan phillipe. but he flirts with the girls and everything.and plays with their emotions.


  18. i love the new season! i already watched the first episode last week and its was just wow. i cant wait til next weeks. im sorry but im one of the few that actually likes johnny and alli together, even though i kinda sorta dont like alli, but johnny? i like the attitude haha.
    its amazing !

    does anyone know the name of the song thats played in “Degrassi Season 9: Get to know Spinner?” on the teennick website?
    it has a good tune to it!


  19. Declan is the cutiest guy on degrassi!!!!!!!!!!!!.Me and my friend asha watch degrassi every nite and he is always cute.He might seem mean but he always makes people want to kiss him.He should go out with mia she is way prettyer[ha ha]than jane.Jane and spinner are a perfect couple,there both weird.at my school all we talk about is degrassi and DECLAN.I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!I LOVE DECLAN!!!!!!BYE.


  20. I know landon phone number.i known him since I was 6.I dont lie.So if you want to know his phone number send a post for it.BYE!!!!!!!! TTYL


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