DJGENERAL Interviews Stephen Stohn Pt 2 (DEGRASSI EPISODE TITLES 1025-1044)

Before we get into Part 2 of DJGENERAL’s interview with Stephen Stohn, there’s two things I want to address:

1) Episodes reviews for Still Fighting It 1 and 2
I haven’t even seen these two episodes yet. I’ve been having major computer issues the past couple of days…aka it’s stopped working. After freaking out for forever I think I’ve *fixed* it, but I assume it’s only a temporary fix. So I have to put reviews on hold for now…my priority is trying to either fix my computer permanently or at the very least backup all of the files on my computer, including 20+ gb of Degrassi projects, photos, old videos/promos, etc.

2) Leaks.
I’ll openly admit that the reason I got into Degrassi back in 2004 is because of the ability to download the episodes.  After the moment that got me on hooked on this show (watching a Season 3 marathon on TV) I remember one day hearing of this “secret” episode called “Accidents Will Happen,” and thanks to a group called Degrassi The Next Generation Hangout I found it.  Back then (when Canada was always ahead of the U.S. in terms of airing episodes and long before episodes were available on itunes), a Canadian fan would manually record the show from their TV, then graciously make episodes available to people here in the U.S. who wanted to keep up with the show as it aired in Canada.

Now “leaks” aren’t episodes available for download. Leaks are episodes available for download BEFORE they’ve aired on broadcast television.  Personally, unless you’re a member of the press or something I don’t see the advantage of seeing episodes like a day in advance…and I’m a guy who doesn’t have MuchMusic or TeenNick (I had it and was one of the many who got screwed over when they switch to their own channel…yes I’m still bitter about it).

Stephen Stohn is most concerned with information from the leaked episodes spoiling it for those who want to wait to watch the episode.  I definitely see where he’s coming from as I’ve made it my goal to be 100% in the dark about this week’s episodes, and most especially next week’s episodes, “Purple Pills” and “All Falls Down.” I’m talking about to the point where I have not even watched any of the promos, and have no intention of doing so.

I know a major issue (for US fans whose only option is to watch episodes online) is that allows you to watch the episodes as soon as it has aired on TV, but does not.  That’s frustrated me for years because to me making the episode available to watch online immediately after it’s aired is a common-sense move…heck, even later that night would suffice…therefore (in giant letters)  I hope the powers that be are reading this and make it happen.

People are thrilled and excited about Degrassi and that’s great, but at the same time it’s not the end of the world if you can’t see the episode right at this very second, or at 9pm with the rest of the world.


NOW…….Back to why everyone’s here!

Yesterday I posted Part 1 of DJGENERAL’s interview with Stephen Stohn.  Below is Part 2 of the interview, which includes the episode titles for 1025 – 1044. 

DJ is in the works to interview casts members as well.  He will be posting updates about who/when on his twitter page.  So if you have any burning questions for the cast, make sure to tweet or direct message him on twitter!


During the series run, the show has featured many guest stars that include: Billy Ray Cyrus, Natasha Bedingfield, Alanis Morissette, Jay Manuel, Perez Hilton, Pete Wentz, Kevin Smith, and Jason Mewes. How do the guest appearances come about?
Each one is different. In the case of Billy Ray, he was working in Toronto on another show and his daughters kept bugging him about Degrassi! He was totally charming—in fact, everyone of the guest stars we’ve had on the show have been wonderfully charming! Kevin of course everyone knows has been a Degrassi fan for years, Oh and a piece of tiny trivia—that’s me in the background (with my back turned away from the camera) during the Perez Hilton scene!

Over the past 10 seasons, do you have any regrets of a storyline you gave to a certain character? Maybe something at the time felt right, but after it aired, it was something you felt was not a good idea? Maybe a storyline you gave one character you wish you would have gave another?
There are a few storylines that we laugh at ourselves about and say how did we ever let that one slip through! But one of the wonderful thing about working with such a large ensemble cast, and a cast who keeps changing as students graduate and others join the school, we can approach different issues from completely different points of view. So there are no regrets, only opportunities to do things differently the next time!

What season do you feel best represents Degrassi? Why?
I will keep Season 10 apart from the discussion because it is still ongoing, and the new method of releasing the episodes has been so successful and so much fun we are all having the time of our lives this season. Apart from Season 10, the season (I think it was 4) when Jimmy got shot was definitely my favourite… I really felt we all got in our stride that season and told difficult stories with a lot of nuance…
NOTE: It was actually season 3, but we forgive you Stephen!!!

One of the biggest shocks for the series was when series regular and fan favorite J.T. Yorke was killed off. If J.T. didn’t die the night he was stabbed, what do you think his character would be up to right now?
I think there is every chance he would have married Liberty, he was that kind of guy… He would have been a wonderful father. Such a great sense of humour, and a kind heart—just like Ryan in real life.

Besides deaths on the show, Degrassi has lost a lot of cast members to other projects. The biggest star to come from the show is, without a doubt, Aubrey “Drake” Graham. He recently had the #1 album in the US, and has sold almost 1 million copies of the CD. Have you heard the CD? What is it like to say you knew him since he was a kid, before he was famous? What is your relationship with Drake now?
We had a very emotional reunion with him at the Juno Awards in Newfoundland a few months back. His mother was with him (and Justin Bieber was too!) and we had a very heartfelt hugs and conversations… he was with us during some very formative years in his life and we’ve always felt really close to him and really proud of him… During his seven or eight years with us, we would listen to his music, and I always thought his lyrics were incredible. When the album came out I was I played it over and over and just felt happy…

There are a lot of smaller characters, mainly teachers, which have appeared throughout almost the entire series including Coach Armstrong, Ms. Sauvé, Mr. Perino, and Ms. Kwan. While they don’t always play a big role in the episodes, it is always nice for the fans to see a familiar face we’ve loved since the beginning. Are the actors under contract, and whenever you call them, they show up? Or is it more along the lines whenever they are free, they contact you, and you put them in an episode?
It’s the latter. For the character like teachers whose storylines aren’t pivotal we work with them when they are free. But we love having them return year after year… it makes it just like a real school.

Mr. Simpson, portrayed by Stefan Brogren, is one of the most loved characters on the show. He is also the only person to appear in all 10 seasons of Degrassi, and had a main role in the original series. He went from student, to teacher, and now in season 10, the principal. Not only has he been an actor, but he has played a big role in the technical aspects of the show by directing online content, and some actual episodes. Just how important and influential is Stefan Brogren to the show? How did having him get so involved (directing) come to be?
Stefan is one of the most talented people in the world. We knew that he wanted to direct, and he got his chance working on all the minis. Then at one point we were talking with Kevin Smith who said he wanted to direct Degrassi Goes Hollywood. We thought it would be great for Stefan to shadow Kevin… But then some timing crunches came up and Kevin couldn’t direct—and suddenly Stefan’s first network television directing job was the entire Degrassi Goes Hollywood movie. He was just so good at it; the L.A. crew loved working with him and even compared him to Clint Eastwood. So now he is one of our mainstay directors. But on top of that he contributes to guiding the writing, the editing and other aspects of producing—and does it all with total passion and joy. I hope he’s involved with us forever.

Before the interview is over, many people wanted me to find out if there was any information regarding the 2nd half of the season that you can announce. Any small clues or info on things we can expect? Episode titles?

1025-26 – Don’t Let Me Get Me
1027-28 – Love Lockdown
1029-30 – Umbrella
1031-32 – Halo
1033-34 – When Love Takes Over
1035-36 – The Way We Get By
1037-38 – Jesus, Etc.
1039-40 – Hide and Seek
1041-42 – Chasing Pavements
1043-44 – Drop the World

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview Stephen! We are all looking forward to the rest of the season, and the series.

281 thoughts on “DJGENERAL Interviews Stephen Stohn Pt 2 (DEGRASSI EPISODE TITLES 1025-1044)

  1. but jimmy DID get shot in season 4!!!!!!!! stephen was right!

    and billy ray cyrus’s daughters . . . does that mean that miley cyrus watches (or used to watch) degrassi? because if so, i suddenly gained a lot of respect for her.

    i love the episode titles, especially “Jesus, Etc.”, for some reason. sounds like a Clare storyline.

    and aren’t there 48 eps? so “Drop the World” isnt the season finale. thats a shame, i think. sounds like a parallel (the title is, at least) to “All Falls Down”

    and it feels weird having ‘Umbrella’ and ‘Halo’ as episode titles . . . this is the first time there’s been a title that’s a song that i actually listened to when it was new.

  2. Ah, I’m glad they kept up with each episode being a two-parter! But now that they’re airing it once a week, it’s gonna be WAY more annoying haha. I wonder if they’ll ever just develop one-hour episodes that run as a single one.
    These titles seem a lot less insightful than the ones from BP, but still really awesome. It’s great to see an Imogen Heap and Spoon song up there! Don’t Let Me Get Me sounds somewhat intense, like a self-hate or self-destructive kinda deal. Jesus, Etc. strikes me as a Clare episode, probably dealing with her religion coming back to the forefront. Oh and Halo might be about the supposed death/loss that’ll occur this season, sounds to me like it’s dealing with the aftermath.

    • well in halo like the first lyrics
      “remember those i built but baby there tumbling down”
      i personally think its an eclare one i no im obsecced with them but i cant help it
      and in love lock down i think its either a sav and holly j. one or eclare

    • Okay so I totally agree that the episode “Jesus Etc.” will probably be about Clair. I Think thank it could go two or three ways. 1 I think that Clare could start to become unsure of her Christian beliefs or start to view things differently, maybe even get into some trouble… I personally wouldn’t want to see that because I think it’s cool to see that the show isn’t portraying basically their Christian character as really judgmental and stoic. 2 I could see a Clare and Eli argument about religion because Eli doesn’t strike me as the most religious guy on the face of the planet and with his girlfriend dying and all of the stuff he’s been through I could see him not really wanting to hear about God, which in turn could really affect their relationship. the 3rd thing I could see happening is instead of Clare and Eli fighting over religion I could see her converting him to a Christian or something, kind of like Darcy and Spinner in season 5, when Spinner gets his virginity back and all. Anyway those were just some of my thoughts

  3. I’m disappointed that they kept the strange naming convention for the second part of the season. I understand why it worked for the boiling point, but it won’t work as well with the regular season. When episodes come out once a week (with extensive breaks), there is a lot more anticipation and discussion. I know all the names of last season’s episodes, and could easily identify the plotlines. With the Boiling Point’s naming system, I don’t associate the names as much with the episodes.

    Also, I’m under the impression that in the second half it will run like a normal season. (i.e. less of the storyline extension into other episode) If so, the absence of true “two parters” because all the episodes are nominally two parters will be noted.

    I may be the only one, but I it’s a mistake.

    • i agree. it’ll be confusing and pretty annoying, i think. i was under the impression that having every ep be a two-parter (and i dont care what stohn says, the TBP episodes WERE all two-parters) was only for TBP, and that for the rest of the season it would return to having mostly stand-alone episodes, with a few two-parters, like we are used to in normal seasons. if the episodes all still have 3 plots and end in cliffhangers, like TBP, its going to terrible having to wait a full week.

      • @ “Person” Definitely. Also, I think the other problem is name/episode association. It will just be confusing to discuss/think about episodes under this naming convention. Come to think of it, the only Boiling point episodes I know by name are “what a girl wants,” “Breakaway,” and “All Falls Down.” (because, being the beginning and end, they have/had special hype)

  4. these episode titles are good! they used “Drop The World”. That’s my favorite. (just random moment btw)

  5. It was one thing when we’d have to wait a week to watch an episode in seasons past, but, it’s going to be even harder this time around. Season 10 is just so good that the anticipation is going to be the death of me…

  6. I’m interested in Umbrella, Hide and Seek, and Jesus ect.,
    no clue what they could be about though
    btw, great interview!

  7. wow these episodes titles are awsome but im really woried about the rest of season 10 i mean the episode titles for TBP sounded dark and overall the first half of the season seemed darker and i think that what ppl like is the dark version of degrassi like season 4 and 7 and 3 and the episdoe titles sound kinda happ-ish and im worrited storylines wont contiune into more episdoes and charcter develpoments wont be as good but hopefully the rest of season 10 is as good or even better than TBP

  8. I didn’t expect them to continue the two parter thing.

    But so far I like it and I think it is good for the characters and stories.

    This was a great interview. :)

  9. Oh and I’m glad you mentioned that Kary!!!

    In season 9 Teennick started posting episodes the night they aired sometimes.

    I wish they would do it now! I HOPE TPTB READ THAT AND CONSIDER IT!

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  11. Did anyone else initially think that they wouldn’t like Wesley at all? I thought he would be a carbon copy of Toby (whom I never liked) but he’s actually adorkable and funny.

  12. thi is so weird after reading the question about J.T i freaked out cause literally last night i was thinking about the promo with fitz and eoli with the knife and how it reminded me of how JT died, i thought man what if JT lived how would it happen? ha guess my question was answered today :P

    it kinda sucks degrassi NEVER had a long term couple i know so many couples that have been together since they were in high school and got married. Degrassi need that storyline in the mix i think it would give it more of a realistic turn. Because not everyone in high school breaks up and fins someone else some stick together through it all.

  13. Jesus, Etc is definitely a Clare episode. Stohn mentioned the episode on his twitter when they were filming it and the same day Aislinn Paul tweeted that Clare was going to be going through some emotional trauma.

    • Clare needs to get back to hardcore bible thumping. She was more believable than Darcy at any point doing that.

      Plus, she still has the smug, know-it-all attitude going.

      • I actually think that Clare shouldn’t go back to “bible thumping”. Degrassi hasn’t shown some one break away from their religion so easily as to just tone down their crazzyness. If that makes sense but seriously, Alli is “defying” her religion by being slightly skanky, Darcy was raped and had terrible things happen to her and yet she still remains religious maybe this episode is more about Clare breaking away from her religion in a much more healthy manner. Or maybe it’s about her explaining to Eli why certain things are so important to her from her religion. He doesn’t seem like he’s the sunday churchgoer so maybe this is all just explanation.

      • I don’t care who it is, but I’d like to see just one Degrassi character keep their virginity while remaining completely normal (Darcy was a freak about it before she got raped, and Toby doesn’t count because he is a nerd.)

        If Clare kept her virginity without making a huge deal about it, then Degrassi could be made a lot more realistic. Just imho.

      • *SPOLIER*

        its her parents getting are getting a divorce in this one i was scanning through websites about who will die in degrassi and i saw that on there

      • @Hayley Masters Does Spinner really count? He wasn’t raised into it like Clare and Darcy were and not to that extent. If he was wouldn’t he have already known Darcy and not needed to “reclaim his virginity”.

        And I also think that all Clare needs is to tone down her “crazy” religious side, which I think this season she has, and find a better openness with her religion that seems more normal. However with things with Eli it should heat up quickly and once that BOILS over maybe she’ll be not slutty but STANDARD teenage girl minus the vibrator.

      • I don’t know. I’m hoping she doesn’t break away from it. We’ve only had three main character Christians on the show (and like you said spinner doesn’t really count.) and I feel like if Clare broke away from it, it would just be dumb. The main reason I love degrassi is because it shows diversity. If they take away Clare’s faith, that completely changes her entire character.
        And normal girl standards? Clare seems pretty normal to me. She’s never seemed like a religious fanatic. And just because someone doesn’t sexually interact doesn’t make them abnormal.

      • @HM maybe not completely break away. I guess I’m coming from a place where I’ve seen friends who were “normal” girls going about their business then like Spinner were bandwaggoned into the Christian religion and it changed them for the worst. I guess I’m saying I’d like to see Clare be the ask don’t tell version of a religious churchgoer does that make sense? I also have a deep feeling that episode will have a lot to deal with Clare and Eli including where he falls in with religion and where they will have to compromise in the middle about it.

      • @Natasha, okay yea. I get what your saying. Spinner is usually what they call a “born-again” Christian. And usually people who are born-again have a tendency to go overboard. And yea I agree with you on your idea for that episode.

      • I completely agree, Hayley. I keep thinking about what the titles could mean, because they all seem pretty ‘down’, and umbrella is trying to reconcile someone, so something major is gonna happen to someone, and I, like you, think that it will be suicide.

        Who? I have NO idea.

      • @Giana, yea. I really feel like suicide is a major possibility because no one on degrassi (excluding Claude from the 80’s) has ever sucessfully committed suicide. I have no idea who eitheir…maybe KC? he’s been a pretty unstable character, but I may be completely wrong.

    • yea, that makes sense and I don’t think they even covered someone being an alcoholic and also getting alcohol poisoning

      • I thought Liberty got alcohol poisoning when she was trying to get into that sorority house. they covered it in degrassi, but not in highschool.

      • For some reason after looking at the Much Music promo I think Eli does get stabbed by Fitz and he lives after that.

      • Yeah ^^^ but i just think they should have an actual plot thats developed kind of early, like minimal drinking, and then turns into the alcoholism and alcohol poisoning, and Fiona kinda seemed like the character to do it with
        just my opinion though

  14. I know a lot of these! Don’t Let Me Get Me by Pink, Love Lockdown by Kanye West, Umbrella by Rihanna, and Halo/When Love Takes Over are both by Beyonce. I can’t wait to see what they’re all about! It’s ironic, because I’m going to Hersheypark tomorrow, and Rihanna will be playing there!!! I won’t get to see her though. Super bummer… JK I know I’ll have fun. It’s a theme park for crying out loud. I went 3 months ago, and I went into Chocolate World, but this time I’m also going to ZooAmerica, and The Boardwalk will be open as well! So yeah, it’s gonna be a really good time!!!

  15. Chasing Pavements is by Adele & Drop The World Is By Lil Wayne & Drake.

    & Stephen Stohn know good and damn well we didn’t listen to Drake’s album lmoa

  16. I really admire Stephen Stohn. He seems like a great, nice and fun person to be around. I enjoyed reading the interview.

    By the way, I love how they named one of the episodes Pink’s Don’t Let Me Get Me. Even though it’s about her being in the music industry, it still really describes how teenagers, especially on Degrassi (lol), feel. You know, about how kids feel like they have a certain image to maintain, but they don’t want to be like other people, and are confused, etc.

    I can’t wait for the final week of TBP, and then the next part of the season, which will feel like forever to get to. Haha =]

    • That being said, Maybe the that episode is about Adam. Just think about it, its the first episode to air after the “break” and “that” first episode promo has to be SO GOOD to get the audience to get to watching degrassi again this coming october is it?

      • Yeah, that sounds about right. I have a feeling that Adam still isn’t completely over his image. I mean, he still hasn’t told his grandma yet has he?

        I think that he’s still a little bit insecure with his family about it. And you’re right, you would think that they would want to make an incredible first episode to get us pumped and back into the Degrassi mood. Haha.

  17. Okay, I’m gonna be a complete nerd for a second and say, Alli just tweeted Clare on the fake-twitters. I really hope this means some more Clare/Alli interaction, even if it is to officially break off the friendship! I was really disappointed how it just ended (I understand the logic, but seriously, transition much?) and I’m hoping there’s some interaction there!

    • LoL, i’m just gonna “Start Stuff”. So you notice how Alli tweeted Clare AFTER no one reply to her whole anything going on this weekend? so she turns to Clare as a last resort. lol just sayin. =]

  18. Oh yeah, I just had to look up all of the episode title’s songs, because season 10 is just that amazing. Lol. Plus, Stephen said that he made sure that the songs that they picked for anything had to fit the episodes, and whatnot. So, yeah. Also, I really like the picks(:

  19. I’m guessing jesus, etc could be either clare or riley…clare cuz we know she’s religious or riley because he’s gay and maybe his family will play the jesus card…

  20. Mr. Simpson is doing a good job as principal of the school.
    I wonder if we will see him with his wife and friends on the show so we can see that he has a life outside of the school. Also does anyone know what happened to Marco? I thought he was going to be a teacher on the show.

    • I know!
      I was so friggin happy when I saw him being a student teacher. I’m just like, “Omfg. One of my favorite characters will be one of the next Degrassi teachers?! That’s effin ka!” Lmao. But then I started getting confused when we didn’t start seeing him anymore. Haha.

      So, I’m confused too. Anyone fill me in?

  21. ok guys on a serious note, who LOL’ed when Stephen Stohn said he listened to some Drake its a funny image lmao

    if he did hes pretty cool and not one of those people thats suck in the oldie songs (not that theres anything wrong with that) haha

  22. I just love those songs; xhasing pavements seems like a great ep, the fact that the song is amazing, drop the world seems kinda intense, that song hits hard but its amazing xD, when lover takes over, the song tells about how love can over power tihings, so idk why but I think it involes claire, but there’s a lot of great couples… um, love lockdown, song tells about tells about how he he loves someone, but doesn’t feel its right so he feels like its a waste so idk… umberella and halo , haven’t herd those songs in a while … umbrella was about, I think she was proclamin her love and would do anything for him? I don’t even know, & halo is kinda the same vibe so yea, I don’t even no why I wrote all of that, just bored I guess xD

    • umbrella could be about a couple or friends really. i’m hoping it’s a friendship plot but i wont get my hopes up lol.

      • Haha, yeah. To me, it’s kind of about, like, helping someone out if they need help, or if they are depressed and whatnot, they will be there to help them out. I think all of the episodes sound intense.

  23. Unfortunately I saw the promo for next week, I wanted to be 100% surprised but oh well lol. I’m glad Fiona’s crazy and all but “Haven’t you heard, I’m crazy” I’m pretty sure Darcy had almost the same exact line when she went crazy back in season 7 lol.

  24. Chasing Pavements? Sounds to me as though it could involve a character running away from home. Maybe KC, as fatherhood draws near, can’t deal, and decides to take off.

  25. Can’t wait for monday but then again I can lol its bittersweet on one hand I want to see the final 4 episodes fiona drama “im crazy!” and lockdown drama. But once it strikes thursday 9:30 pm tbp is over :( and then a month and half hiatus this sucks. One thing that’s going to suck even more is the suspense of 2 part episodes. And I can’t wait for the 2nd half season 10 promos! Who else hopes fiona gets left back? And I think a lot of people will break rules eventually but secretly like take down cameras in school
    And im pretty sure there will be claire/alli interaction in afd. I hope in afd both parts are at the dance usually a dance only gets half an episode lol ok rant over.

  26. Very excited for all of these episodes and the interview was great. It was actually Season 4, but it’s not a big deal.

  27. Wow, these titles are very current. :/
    But Hide and Seek is about death. It’s an intense song. Also I’m curious about Don’t let me get me. I just wonder, I hope the season gets darker. :D

  28. Am I the only one who thinks ”Halo” is about Eli and Clare? I mean the lyrics seem to match up to them but idk…I could indeed be wrong :)

  29. I’m guessing that Don’t Let Me Get Me is a KC episode. The lyrics to the song remind me of his character: “teachers dated me” – Coach Carson (ish), “my parents hated me” – strained relationship with his parents, “I was always in a fight, ’cause I can’t do nothin’ right” – was very vocal in season 8/9 about his reckless past, and how he was never good enough.

    If not KC, my next guess would be Bianca. I’m sure that we’ll get some background on her character soon given her involvement in All Falls Down, and since it looks as though Fitz and/or Owen (her two only friends) will be MIA and/or facing SERIOUS consequences for what happens next week. It’ll be interesting to see whether she is redeemed and tries to make new friends, or if she isolates herself even more. Given the very possible absence of her two cronies in the episodes to come, I think that she and KC will become a duo. The two appear together in the credits as a sort of tag team, and there are promo shots of the two of them together. I think that their interactions in 99 Problems were a set-up to a closer friendship/relationship to come in the second half of the season. Given KC’s recent case of douchebaggery, as well as the high possibility that Bianca’s boys will not be around, I can see the two of these characters being brought together out of anger/bitterness/frustration with their lives. Or hey, maybe DLMGM will be about BOTH of them.

  30. I was watching a DegrassiTNG episode earlier today and realized that..
    I miss SPINNER! He’s been there since day one, and It just feels weird to not see him on the show anymore. They could at least put more Peter, he’s funny..
    BUT I really like the episode titles. Don’t Let Me Get Me, by P!nk I think will be about Adam.
    Who sings, Jesus etc. ?
    When I scrolled down and saw Ep. Titles I was like: Descrriiippptttiiooonnsss. But nah. Thankful for the titles though wanna see what happens next half!

  31. Jimmy got shot in season 4, which I agree was the best season.
    and @whoever said they though Halo would be a suicide episode, I think it does to. But I cant see any of the characters doing it…

  32. tsk tsk no MCR either? They could at least put Green Day- Boulevard of Broken Dreams… That song could fit A possible Adam Episode when Eli ditches him for a while.

  33. ok, here is my (admittedly long) post of first reactions to the titles. for all of these, im just going on the titles themselves, not the actual lyrics to the songs. and also, i realize that if i were right about which characters all of these were about, a few characters wouldnt be in the season at all. i know that, but these are just my gut reactions.

    “Don’t Let Me Get Me” definitely sounds like self-destruction, or at least very low self-esteem. Adam or Fiona, maybe? (and on a side note, people are talking about suicide and kc and eli and adam . . . i dont think anyone has proposed Fiona. She’s the mentally unstable one, remember? If anyone’s going to suicide, i think it will be her [not that im happy about that. she’s my current favorite character. and i honestly dont actually expect a suicide to happen.])

    “Love Lockdown” sounds to me like a well-established couple breaking up or drifting apart . . . possibly Alli and Drew, if alli’s even still there at that point? idk, it doesnt seem like we have any long-term couples right now. couples like sav/anya and spinner/jane and jt/liberty, who you could imagine getting married someday. but we if we had one, i think this would be where they’d break up (or at least have some serious relationship issues)

    for some reason, i think “Umbrella” could be about jenna. maybe her trying to protect her baby/give it the best life that she can in her situation.

    “Halo” sounds like someone trying to be perfect. my first guess is . . . Fiona? or maybe Holly J?

    “When Love Takes Over” sounds to me like someone cheating, or a couple trying to decide whether to have sex (in which case, i would think of Clare and Eli)

    “The Way We Get By” makes me think of jenna, just because its “we”. maybe jenna and her brother stressing about money and how to support another little person.

    “Jesus, Etc.” is defintely Clare (and Eli will be involved too, i assume)

    “Hide and Seek”, just because another commenter said the song is about death, i think of Anya’s mom. maybe the cancer comes back/gets worse? or maybe some problem that a character thought had gone away returns?

    someone said that “Chasing Pavements” might be someone running away . . . and i immediately thought “thats definitely it!” . . . but i kept thinking about it and i feel like it could be about the seniors thinking about college. leaving home, trying to start the rest of their lives . . .

    and “Drop the World” . . . sounds like someone cracking under pressure (Holly J, anyone? or maybe Sav, or Fiona)

    • I agree with you ALOT.

      Especially with the Eli and Clare predictions. Like you said that “When Love Takes Over”, it could be about Eli and Clare going all the way, and then “Jesus, etc.” Would be about how she would feel horrible about it?

      And then “Umbrella” that makes sense.

      I also agree about “Hide and Seek”.

      But I think that “Drop The World” wouldn’t be about Holly J, Sav, or Fiona. I’m not sure at this point, but I just don’t think it would be one of them. I almost thought of Anya, because what if her mom dies, and then she finally breaks down about her best friend dating the guy that she loved, and plus, the only best friend she really has at the moment is Riley, and maybe she can’t go to him because he’s caught up in Zane stuff? I don’t know though. That’s all just speculation.

      And I think that “Don’t Let Me Get Me”, could be both Adam and Fiona. For one, I think Adam still has insecurities about his image with his family, and then Fiona is ‘mentally unstable’. So, Adam goes back to burning, and Fiona is still drinking? I think that her character may get alcohol poisoning. That would make for a great plot.
      I’m not going to type anymore, because it would just be too long. Lol. But, again, I agree with about everything you just said.(:

      • I think in don’t let me get me Adam and Fiona possibly come together because I think both of them are going through self destructive thing and could join together trying to be the others rock trying to get through things together because they are suppose to become friends so why not them when they need someone the most

    • I agree with some of the things you said…but were you just basing these predictions off the song titles or the actual lyrics to the song? Because if you look at the lyrics to some of the songs you’re a little off-base. Halo is probably not about perfection. The lyrics are about someone who has passed on. So it’s probably more or less that it’s about someone who has died and know people are trying to cope (something along those lines.) Also the lyrics to Chasing Pavements are not about running away…I don’t get why everyone keeps thinking that. The song is actually about un-requited love. But other than that I think most of your predictions were pretty dead on. Oh, but I doubt Clare and Eli are debating on wether or not to have sex…they aren’t even dating yet so I doubt that’ll be an issue for a while. Also, Eli doesn’t seem like the kind who would pressure her and Clare is very set in ways. I mean she obviously really likes Eli (A LOT more then KC anyways) but I really doubt she would sacrifice her beliefs like that. I feel like if the writers did that it’d just be a repeat of darcy. I’m really hoping they don’t. But that’s just me.

      • My guess is that Clare’s parents split up due to her father’s infidelity. This, in turn, causes Clare to question her beliefs about love, purity, etc. As a result, I think something’s going to happen between Clare an Eli sooner rather than later.

      • I’m really hoping Clare doesn’t sleep with him. I feel like of she were to do something like that it would completely change her character.
        And also…her parents are just fighting. It hasn’t been stated why yet…so I don’t think it’s safe to assume that there has been some form infedelity occurring. If anything happens I think Clare may consider doing “something” with Eli but shed probably back out of it. I think her beliefs are too important to her for her to sacrifice them for a guy.

      • Imnalso really rooting for clare to become the first person to graduate and still be a viirgin cus i dont think that anybody els has

      • I think Halo will be about Eli and Clare. Like somebody else said, the lyrics fit. Eli is putting away his guilt because of Clare <- halo?

      • @Holiday and Degrassilovva55, exactly! It’s like not everyone is sexually active in high school and it’d be really nice if degrassi kept more people virgins. In reality 51% of high school students graduate as virgins. I really hope they keep Clare one. And Jimmy was also a virgin, although that wasn’t really by choice.

    • I totally agree that DLMGM is about FIona and Adam. Which I am excited about because the are two of my favorite characters, along with Anya, Riley, Zane, Claire, and Eli. But with Adam and Fiona being my all-time favorites. So if I am correct I think these episodes could be (some of) my favorites of the season. Adam and Fiona’s story lines are both very interesting and it is too bad their paths haven’t crossed cause i feel that the two of them being friends would be great. I agree with your idea of love lockdown being about a well-established couple ending it. but i hope that it won’t be Alli and Drew. Alli has really gotten on my nerves this season and is one of my least favorite characters, and i do not think they are in a “well established relationship”. i don’t really know how umbrella could relate to Jenna but we will see. I’m not too sure about Halo either. WLTO I hope is about EClaire, not to see their relationship end but to hopefully see how the become closer. i just hope that TWWGB isn’t about Jenna as she is another least favorite of mine. I agree with JEsus Etc. totally and am excited to see it play out. Hide and Seek is one I am mist looking forward to because of the song being about death and to see how they will integrate that theme in the episode. Chasing Pavements, im hoping, is NOT about someone running away, that would be too weak for Degrassi. Drop The World, i hope will be an amazing season finally and not just all about Holly J. Whom I am getting tired of with her “i NEED Ivy League to survive” attitude.

      (sorry about the long post.)

  34. Thumbs up if you hated Fiona in Season 9 but Love her now in Season 10.
    Thumbs up anyways If you loved her in Season 9 too lool

  35. Omg crazy Adam plot idea- Adam gets pregnant >.<.

    Adam does it with some1 completely drunk wakes up finds out he's pregnant. That would be chaotic considering Adam considers himself a guy

    • that would be good because it’s so out-there! but in general i don’t want to see adam pregnant. plus, you’d have to imagine that he’d have to do it with a guy to get pregnant.. idk how the degrassi writers would manage to put that in there.

  36. well, all the eps officially follow the same two-part/three plot formal as TBP. stohn confirmed on twitter. (i know we obviously knew they were two-parters, but i personally wasnt sure if there would stil be 3 plots. apparently there will be.)

  37. I totally don’t know why I left the thing about the shooting in there. I meant to take it out! It was indeed season 4 when Jimmy was shot!

  38. Hmm…The continuing two-parts will be kind of annoying. It’s going to be hard waiting! xD That said, I can’t wait for Chasing Pavements just because I love that song.

  39. Omg this weekend is taking forever lol. Idk why but I think I’ll find fiona`s mom annoying in purple pills. And fiona/bobby drama will be so intense. Who else thinks fiona is the best at delievering dramatic lines
    Fiona:im crazy!!!
    Fiona:i thought it was a one time thing. ahhh!!!

  40. So i was thinking about how they could air the second half of season 10,
    first 8 episodes, then the break they have, then the last 12 episodes from march to june, and then if the last 4 episodes are a movie and they do the 6 week thing again next summer, air the movie right before that, or after the last 12 episodes

  41. Does anyone feel adam and claire need more interaction? Like on twitter adam barley tweets claire
    I know its not a big deal but it bothers me a little anyone feel the same?

    • Adam tweets Clare more than Eli does.

      I do agree that they need more interaction on the show, though. I’m hoping that they’ll get it on Monday and Tuesday. They clearly consider each other good friends, so I’d like to see more of them hanging out as friends. :)

  42. I have a question that I’m genuinely curious what you all think about. I’ve been a little suspicious of the promo pictures of All Falls Down – the one with Eli, Clare, Sav, and Holly J looking worried/scared/any other adjective you can think of. The only reason I question this is that, with all the hush-hush nature of AFD, why would they put such an obvious give-away? I mean, if the TV promos show Eli and Clare with Fitz and the knife, what logical sense would it be to show the picture? It’d be like, “hypehypehypehypehype… kthx bye.”

    My reasoning is this: in the Still Fighting It promo pics, it looked like Riley was outed by Owen, but he wasn’t. It was just a backlash from homophobia and the effects of Owen being a tool. So my question is this:

    Why would they put a picture that ruined the outcome of an intense plotline of the episode? It makes no logical sense to me… I’m curious what you all think, because I’d like to think there’s something more intense than Fitz + Knife = Anticlimactic, look at EClare chillin’ outside.

    • The preview and/or the pictures could be intentionally misleading. For all we know, the knife incident could occur after the scene in which Clare and Eli are standing outside the school.

      • For all we know, Eli and Clare could have freaked out because someone (Adam?) was still inside, so they snuck back in and ran into Fitz with his knife then. Who knows. XD

  43. for some reason i think the whole holly j/ sav relationship is goin to be a main factor in the second part of the season

  44. So I just listened to Drop the World…and if the episode is anything like the song it’s going to be amazing. It almost sounds to me like somebody has screwed somebody else over and now they’re trying to get revenge? Or it could be about proving people wrong. But I might be completely off-base. lol

  45. This has been bugging me ever since BOA pt 1 and 2. What did his mom do excactly that was so bad? We know she wasn’t the best mom but how, with specifics? They should have an episode about this called Cleaning Out My Closet. For those who don’t know this song it’s by Eminem, and the lyrics match his situation near perfectly.

  46. OMFG!!!! i think declan walks in on holly j and sav when they are making out. No, i am not just saying this because im superrrr obssessed with declan, but in the promo for next week, when they are bringing everything and before scene where the cops come and clair is like “what did you do” there is a scene where sav and holly j are making out and a voice says “im gonna kill you” it totally sounds like declan. hope im right…..

      • ya, my bad. some says “your dead” not “im gonna kill you” but it does sound like declans voice. idk maybe its just my imagination. i want it to be him

      • Yes, I totally agree. It’d be great to see him come back. it’s frustrating. I feel like we haven’t seen him all season. He better get a storyline next season.

      • just like in Rock This Town when Drake says “your dead mascot boy” or something like that. right?

      • Well it was confirmed that Declan was going to have a storyline this fall…so maybe we’ll see more of him…but honestly I find it highly Ironic that in season 9 it was Declan, Declan, Declan; but this season is Fiona, Fiona, Fiona but I like Fiona more, she has this “Craziness” to her that I find interesting…but it seems that they can only use one twin at a time! lol

    • They do have a habit of splicing the audio weird in the promos to be incredibly misleading. For instance, in the promos for Still Fighting It, it’s all “And Riley’s actions might put Zane in danger,’ (or whatever) and they show Riley walking out of the school while we hear the scream from Zane, when in actuality that happened at the Dot.

  47. Adam beats up fitz, fitz gets embarrassed or mad or both, plans to hurt Adam. So he has Bianca seduce drew to get him from trying to defend Adam again. Eli try to stop fitz from hurting Adam. Stohn dis say this one was more intense so it’s possible more than one person gets hurt/ dies

    Just what I think, anyone think something close could happen

  48. This was such a good interview:)

    I am super excited for the rest of TBP but also for the rest of the season. Hopefully, the plots get more intense, Peter gets an actual storyline, and the episodes are even better than TBP.

    • I agree that Jenna’s symptoms have not reflected what actually goes on in the different stages of pregnancy all that well. She’d have been getting sick a lot earlier on, and not suddenly start getting sick when she’s more than halfway along (not to mention she’d be showing a lot earlier, too). But she could still be puking, even at her stage. My sister’s due in just under 2 months, and she still throws up every so often.

      Though in the writers’ defense, it was nice to see Jenna’s pregnancy cravings kicking in from pretty much the beginning of the season. Nice and subtle.

      • well to be accurate She is suppose to start showing at month 3-4 ish which we can safely assume is around the diet story and now shes nearing 5 months as of October 9th 2010(according to the episode) and she has been showing symptoms around that time like the banana ranch thing, so the whole plot is basically accurate and your kinda off. Regardless you can’t compare one pregnancy to another because theres people who don’t know they are pregnant until the 5th/6th month and think the symptoms are just a flu or something because they didn’t go to a doctor and think they are just getting fat XD

  49. What up guys/gals?

    Shout out to my good friends Kaylynn, Idonthaveaname:), Joe, facultybob, jhon, nina, lame, DTNG, Michael , Gisselle, Matt, person et al; hope yall doing good.

    Its good to know that next season Degrassi will have several episodes. Those under 20 seasons left much to be desired

  50. i hope in all falls down jenna comes to the dance and someone yells “SHE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE!!!”, like in mean girls. that would make it the PERFECT episode..

  51. Random question – Does Eli remind anyone else of Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World? They are both bad boys that are into poetry and art-house films and they even look alike….

    • That show takes me way back! Shawn was more rebellious, what with going to college early and pissing off Mr. Feeny. Both Eli and Shawn are similar, but Eli is the darker individual.

    • I love how everyone AUTOMATICALLY assumes Eli is against religion Because hes dark and what not. MAYBE hes into a different religion or the same. MAYBE THIS EPISODE isn’t even about Eli And Clare.

      MAYBE this is about Holly J and Sav with a religious conflict OR Ali and Clare. Lets at least try to state other possible descriptions besides the most obvious ones, lets think outside the box like the writers and producers/directors >.<

    • Maybe it’s not that Clare tries to get Eli into religion. But maybe something happens that makes Clare that forces her to challenge what she used to believe.

      This might be probably off, but I really want to see how Degrassi goes with Clare’s virginity. It’s been clear since her first appearance that she’s gonna be one until marriage like her sister, but since this is Degrassi we all know that’s not gonna happen. And Eli does seem like a nice guy, but with the two of them, raging hormones, blah blah, you saw how much Clare wanted him.

      But I’m gonna stop trying to guess what it may be about cause I don’t want to sound totally off.

      • @Reesa, Darcy was not a virgin. She had sex with Peter in one episode. And what makes you think degrassi wouldn’t have that happen? I personally think it’d be more shocking for Clare to remain a virgin…considering the fact that basically everyone on that show isn’t.

      • Yeah I know.

        “It’s been clear since her first appearance that she’s gonna be one until marriage like her sister, but since this is Degrassi we all know that’s not gonna happen.”

        I was implying Darcy didn’t remain a virgin.

      • Yeah, I just don’t see Clare being a virgin. Because the sex is always more “scandalous”. And people I think will be virgins on the show aren’t virgins. Darcy, hell I thought Anya was gonna be a virgin, I thought Holly J was gonna be a virgin cause I didn’t see her having a boyfriend anytime soon. Degrassi always finds a way to pop the cherry lol.

    • If you knew anything about anything, you would know that Elijah Goldsworthy, JEWISH NAME. Maybe he’s just jewish and not all ” I worship Satan” like EVERYONE thinks he is.

  52. Pingback: Top Posts —

  53. haha I asked Stephen Stohn if Darcy would ever come back on Twitter, but I didn’t get a real answer. He’s just wondering if Mia got kidnapped by the same tribe. As if he thinks we care about Mia. :P

  54. alright so i’m thinking, alli says shit to bianca that pisses her off. so in return she’s trying to break alli and drew up as well as get drew. she sends him pictures and drew continues to reject her. drew goes to the boiler room with bianca but he realizes he’d be fucking up big time so he rejects her again and goes away. but alli finds the pictures on drew’s phone and hears that someone saw drew & bianca go into the boiler room and ends things with drew.
    drew still loves alli though so he keeps trying to win her back and keeps rejecting bianca. and alli seems relatively fine and un-upset so bianca isn’t satisfied. so, instead of trying to get drew to cheat on alli, she finds some way to get drew to give up on alli and finally hook up with bianca. she gets owen to be all sweet and take alli to the dance. then she gets owen to take alli aside & try to get alli to hook up with him for money. bianca hides in a closet filming the shit go down so she can show it all to drew (hence the weird closet shot in the one promo). alli’s flattered about the money but she knows its wrong so she refuses. owen then rapes alli and idk somehow she tells clare and something happens with fitz and eli so clare and alli come together all emotional and have a crying scene. all the plans get foiled and figured out and clare eli sav and holly j watch in horror as somehow fitz gets taken out in a stretcher and alli cries with her mom and dad by her side while giving a police report..

    the end of my prediction. hahaha

    • What would really blow me away is if Munro Chambers’ identical twin brother made a surprise debut as Eli’s twin in All Falls Down. Fitz stabs himself when he learns there are actually two of them, and hilarity ensues.

      • And then Clare creams her pants when she realizes she can have twice the fun & a normal guy when she feels like dating someone WITHOUT anger management issues and extra baggage for once.

  55. I would imagine they asked both declan and fiona you can be the main twin in your first or second season?
    Lol fiona picked the right one imo

  56. Ok so i was just thinking of some storylines that havent really been covred- an intruder in the school, scicide, bomb threat, smoking( theve done like hardcore drugs but theve never done just basic tabacco ciggarette smoking), running away( fionas doeant rly count) prostitution( although that might happen with alli) and if u can think if any othrs comment!

    Ad the 1 that i want to c the most is suicide because that wud be an intense and amazing episode

    • I always wondered why cigarettes were never really seen on Degrassi.

      Does anyone know if there is a rule against it or something?

      I know there was smoking on DJH

    • i think they should do a inhalent abuse storyline its most common in teens and is a very serious drug i think this would be a great storyline and maybe someone gets addicetd to it

    • they haven’t done abusive girlfriends, pregnancy from rape, ACTUAL racism (not that crap from season 7… or was it it 8?) Abusive siblings, Teenage Depression (REAL depression, not “i can’t go to the dance, superr bummer) Schizophrenia, Turrets syndrome, How selflessness can lead to depression… and that’s all i can think of.

      • I still think it would be interesting if Eli were a necrophiliac. Degrassi would definitely be “going there” with a storyline like that.

    • btw.. there kind of was an intruder. Darcy’s online predator came to Degrassi and would have gone into the school and found Darcy if Mrs. H wouldn’t have stopped him. I know its not what you were thinking, but it is sort of an intruder. lol

  57. This is just my opinion but does anyone think that Jesus,Etc. could be about Clare!I was thinking it may have something to do with her saving Herself for marriage and maybe giving up her abstinence!Maybe going against her beliefs for once and doing something she wouldn’t do!Just a thought!Tell me what you think!

    • i agree!i think that it could be about her wanting to do it with eli!but then she has to decide if she wants to or not!or maybe!this episode isn’t even about clare!and we’ll have to wait and see!just another thought!tell me what you think!

      ..just in case you didn’t catch this, i was mocking your over use of exclamation points..

    • Fiona is going to overdose on alchol and depression drugs, i don’t think it will be very serious though. But I think she will win her case against Bobby

  58. An intruder to the school would be interesting….what if it were connor’s online friend… unlikely but still would be interesting….

  59. well its sunday, thus begins the final week of *suspence* The Boiling Point *everyones sad:(* Lol but 2 more days for “the Best Degrassi Episode EVER”. so the say.

  60. Since All Falls Down is like a mini finale in a way i was wondeing what was your favorite season finales in all of Degrassi: TNG? My top 3 would be
    1 Degrassi goes Hollywood (season 8)
    2 Tears Are not enough ( season 2)
    3 Degrassi takes Manhattan (season 9)

    • I thought DGH was pretty lame compared to DTM.

      for my favorites:

      Jagged Little Pill
      Tears are Not Enough
      High Fidelity
      Danger Zone (I count this as the finale instead of DGH since DZ actaully adds more to the ongoing story/current cast.)

    • I really liked Degrassi Goes Hollywood. Minus the Manny/Paige blah whatever stuff, I thought this was an excellent Ellie storyline. I cried when she hugged her dad. And it’s the only instance where I will ever think Craig and Ellie are cute. They weren’t so “gag me please” in this movie.

  61. Does anyone think they would actually explore more of Riley and Zane’s relationship. Degrassi never had a successful gay couple. Maybe this season they’d explore the challenges of them going all the way, or the issue of Riley not coming out to his mom yet. I’m certain that will cause a strain on their relationship.

    I’m curious to know if they would ever explore the struggle of intimacy in a gay couple. It doesn’t have to be overtly vulgar it could be tastefully done. Maybe Riley is scared to take the next step, especially because his mom doesn’t know. I actually would be interested in seeing something like that. Any thoughts?

  62. Does anyone think they would actually explore more of Riley and Zane’s relationship. Degrassi never had a successful gay couple. Maybe this season they’d explore the challenges of them going all the way, or the issue of Riley not coming out to his mom yet. I’m certain they will because they would result in a strain on their relationship.

    I’m curious to know if they would ever explore the struggle of intimacy in a gay couple. It doesn’t have to be overtly vulgar, it could be tastefully done. Maybe Riley is afraid to take the next step, especially because his mom doesn’t know he’s gay. I actually would be interested in seeing something like that. Any thoughts?

  63. So, I was watching the last episode and the part where Rileys mom says “I just want grandchildren.” My mother laughed. Hard. I think he should have came out anyway, his mom seems nice.

  64. I didn’t like the movies at all. I thought they were lame and filler. To be honest I think they should go back to doing normal finales instead of doing these one hour/two hour movies because it’s lame and it lacks substance IMO. I really hope Stephen Stohn isn’t overhyping “All Falls Down” like it’s sooo epic. I tweeted to him and told him that I hope that he’s not getting my hopes up because if the episode isn’t as epic as he says it is then I will let him know on twitter and tell him to stop overhyping the episodes like that.

    • I agree that the movies were terrible. Pretty much the only legitimate storyline in them was Elli’s, but that was never even finished.

  65. Maybe the spin-off will be about declan and the people in his school. Maybe we’ll then get to see Bobby and how his life goes on after the whole court deal. Then we’d see Tinsley and her skanky ways or see that she is not that bad. What do you guys think?

  66. Its quite clear. The spin-off is coming in 10 years with Jack and Isabella as the stars and spinner emma and jenna and kc raising theyre kids. Calling it!

    • Ummmmmm I didn’t write this interview and had nothing to do with it except copying/pasting it here. I obviously know when Jimmy was shot….

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