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Degrassi Vlogs: Nikki Fosters Raccoons

Must…resist…posting raccoon gifs/memes… All it takes is a quick glance at Nikki’s Twitter to see that she’s a passionate activist for many issues, including animal rights. When Degrassi’s description of this video says that Nikki’s […]

VIDEO: How Well Does The Degrassi Cast Know Each Other?

Degrassi cast members have always been known for forming close friendships with each other, but how well do they REALLY know each other? Entertainment site ANDPOP visited the set of Degrassi to test them with […]

Degrassi Confessions: Is Zoë Pregnant?

Plot speculation has long been a big part of the Degrassi universe, with fan theories ranging from being on point to completely nonsensical. In between seasons 4 and 5 of TNG there was a rumor […]

Degrassi Celebrates Halloween 2015!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, DEGRASSIANS. pic.twitter.com/TV5kqktKHy — Degrassi Things. (@degrassihaha) October 31, 2015 – Happy Halloween! Degrassians everywhere are celebrating the holiday…here’s a look at fans dressing up as Degrassi characters: – And of course the Degrassi […]