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Degrassi Promo Pics: Tears Dry On Their Own

Ahhhh yes, the Jenna episode…. Aug 16 – Tears Dry on Their Own (1) Jenna gets sick at her audition. Aug 17 – Tears Dry on Their Own (2) Jenna’s biggest fear is realized; Dave […]


Dang…that’s a lot of views man. Yeah I know there’s a lot of sites that get a million hits per day, but this surpasses anything I ever expected to come from creating this website. I […]

Degrassi Storyline Recap: What A Girl Wants/Breakaway

Ahhh, the first week of The Boiling Point has flown by!  Because the storylines this season  are happening over the course of 2, 3 or 4 thirty-minute episodes, I’ve been reviewing each individual episode…so basically I’ve been reviewing […]

Degrassi Episode (and Video) Review: Breakaway Pt. 2

[WARNING: THIS EPISODE REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS] youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iVva9VSSIo – MAIN PLOT:  Holly J is desperate to take an SAT class to improve her chances at getting into Yale. As mentioned in the video review […]

Degrassi Episode (and Video) Review: Breakaway Pt. 1

[WARNING: THIS EPISODE REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS] Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6xQrZR8W44 – MAIN PLOT:  Fiona’s plot to expose Bobby doesn’t goes as planned. The Fiona drama slowly ramps down because Fiona finally decides she’s gonna let the world see […]

DegrassiBlog’s Meeting With Epitome Pictures

So something pretty awesome happened today…Erin (Degrassi-Fans), Gregg (Degrassi Nation) and I got the chance to have a meeting with Abby Ho from Epitome Pictures (the company the creates Degrassi)!! Basically Abby’s job is keeping […]


It’s good to know all of the new changes on Degrassi are having an instant impact…Monday was a HUGE day: On MuchMusic, the Season premiere of Degrassi Season 10 won it’s timeslot in Canada and was […]