[12/15/15] Adamo and Siobhan break down their Taylor Swift concert experience.


The latest episode of The Dot TV is all about ketchup chips and reminiscing about Taylor’s recent tour!  I work in radio, but I’m not a hardcore concert guy.  Taylor Swift is one of the core artists here at my station, so her songs play every hour.  I enjoy her big hits and think she’s a fabulous human being, but I don’t follow her music enough to be considered a “Swifty.”  And the more I think about it, it’s really weird that I don’t know very many hardcore Swift fans (i.e. people talking about her on my timelines 24/7…that’s currently 1D and Bieber fans).

So for me #TheKetchup video is pretty interesting as Adamo and Siobhan rattle off in-depth commentary about her music, and paint a visual of Taylor’s 1989 Tour for those of us who didn’t attend any of the shows.

Posted by Kary

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