Earlier this year, Adamo and the Degrassi digital team traveled to Whitehorse and Vancouver to film more episodes for The Dot TV’s series, Connecting The Dots (you can view a recap of their trip here).

The first episode from that trip features Adamo talking with students from Prince of Wales Secondary School about friendship.

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

Just some thoughts on the topics they discussed…

*ON MAINTAINING FRIENDSHIPS AFTER HIGH SCHOOL: I grew up in a somewhat small area, which has grown exponentially since I graduated high school 15 years ago (God, I feel old now). I know a lot of people I went to school with who still live in that area, and those people who were best friends in high school are still close as adults. Honestly, the best friendships I made were the ones I formed in college, but to each their own!

Adult friendships are a weird animal though, that’s for sure. Adamo hits it on the head when he talks about having to put forth effort to hang out with adult friends. I play a lot of softball, which by default creates a natural social group. However, I also have adult friends outside of that who have jobs (and KIDS), and it can become really difficult to carve out friend time when life gets in the way.

*ON MIXING FRIEND GROUPS: As great as it’d be if all of your friends got along/had everything in common, honestly it isn’t a necessity to mix friend groups. I don’t mix my work friends, Degrassi friends and/or softball friends because the groups themselves are so different, and it’s okay to hang out with people for different reasons.

*ON WHAT TO DO IF YOUR FRIEND IS DATING SOMEONE YOU DONT LIKE: It really depends on the situation your in…for me I’d probably just suck it up if it’s more of just being annoyed by them. But if it involves more serious behavior I’d make my feelings loud and clear, because ultimately my friend’s well-being is what matters most.

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