[2/12/16] Adamo kicks off a new series on his channel that follows the lives of people on unique career paths.


Here’s a picture of me riding a horse a couple of years ago for the first time.


At first you’re afraid you’re gonna fall and break your neck because the horse certainly hates you. But after about 10 minutes, you’re riding around like a badass ready to dramatically charge into battle.

Adamo has started a new series of videos called “I Wanna Be A ________,” where he takes a look at interesting careers. In this first episode, Adamo and his friend Josclyn sees what it’s like to be an Equestrian at a big competition!

I was disappointed to see no footage of Adamo riding a horse, so this will have to do until that day comes:



On a side note…

During this episode Adamo became a meme without realizing it!



Posted by Kary

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