[12/3/15] Adamo talks about cell phone etiquette at concerts…should you be taking pictures and video?


In the latest episode of The Dot, Adamo talks about how he two people in front of him at a concert who decided to whip out an iPad and take selfies.

Now when it comes to iPads, I definitely think you need to keep those put away…there’s even a trend of people now pulling out their iPads to grab video and pictures at weddings!  Those things are too big to be used as your camera in public.

But as far as cell phones go, it really depends.  Often times people simply aren’t paying attention and are clueless to the fact they’re in the way.  Grabbing pictures and video here and there is cool, but if you’re holding up that phone the entire time not only are you distracting others from the experience, you’re missing out on it as well.

Check out Adamo’s thoughts below:

Posted by Kary

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