One of the big entertainment stories of the week involved Arrow star Colton Haynes finally publicly revealing that he’s gay.

It’s never surprising when a celebrity comes out of the closet. But what is surprising is that there’s still situations where people try to force others to come out (in the case of celebrities, it’s as if being gay is some type of “scandal.”). And despite society becoming increasingly accepting of the LGBTQ community, you still hear about actors having to stay in the closet just for the sake of their career.

It’s awesome hearing Adamo’s take on the situation, because at one point he was also a gay male in the closet during his acting days.

Adamo came out in 2008. As you know, the unique thing about his situation is that for years he played a gay character going through the phases of finding out who he was and coming out of the closet to the people around him:

“I was growing up the exact same time as my character was growing up and he was questioning things that I was questioning and I was just a kid. I was completely petrified, and you don’t really understand and you don’t know where you fit in or who you are, and my character was asking the exact same questions but he moved a little bit faster than I did.”

Here’s an eTalk interview Adamo did shortly after coming out:

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