Us waiting on the new season of Teenagers

Us waiting on the new season of Teenagers

The wait is finally over…almost.

Over the past few years the web series Teenagers has made a name for itself in the teen drama genre, racking up multiple awards and generating over 10 million views on Youtube.

The series, which stars former Degrassians Chloe Rose and Ray Ablack, has announced that it’s returning for Season 3, however, they’re also looking for help from fans.


Teenagers is launching an Indiegogo campaign on November 16 in order to help them create content that “will, someday, be impossible for Hollywood to ignore.” They’re looking to raise $40,000 through the campaign as the show continues to grow and tell stories that “reflect the realities of young people from all walks of life.”

Also on the 16th, Teenagers will release the first episode of season 3 titled “Blue Isn’t The Warmest Colour” on their Youtube channel.



Teenagers is a Canadian teen drama written and directed by filmmaker M.H. Murray. It portrays gritty stories of teenage life through the eyes of a culturally diverse cast. Basically, if you like Degrassi or Skins, you should definitely give Teenagers a shot.

Before I had to do this thing called “adulting,” I was able to review the first season of Teenagers…you can find those reviews here.

And of course you can watch the first two seasons in their entirety right now on Youtube!

Teenagers Season 1

Teenagers Season 2

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