Season 2 of Teenagers ended on a quiet note, but there were still a lot of questions to be answered. What will become of T? Will Olive find what she’s looking for before she spirals out of control? Will Sara stay happy? Will Bree and Gabriel finally take their relationship to the next level?

teenagerspro1The Teenagers team started to answer some of those questions with a 20-minute prologue for Season 3 titled, “Blue Isn’t The Warmest Colour.” That seems to be the case as we watch the newly blue-haired Sara seemingly fall back into her feelings for Olive, much to the disappointment of her girlfriend Adele.

Blue is also the hue that lights a lingering party scene, where for one character, is a reprieve from the dark cloud they’ve been under recently. That is, until the darkness returns to end this prologue on a devastating cliffhanger.

We get a glimpse of Bree and Gabriel at the beginning of the episode, with Bree scared, but willing to put an official label on their relationship. However, the rest of this episode hones in on the dynamics between both Olive and T as well as Sara and Olive.

You can’t really be just friends with someone after you’ve done the deed,” Porky tells Sara and Adele.  Sara disagrees, foreshadowing a test of both her relationships with Adele and Olive, the latter of whom walks by as they’re talking. They exchange pleasantries and Sara invites Olive to a party.

teenagerspro2Meanwhile, T continues to keep a positive outlook on his situation and decides to reach out to Olive. She’s hesitant, but agrees to talk to him, and these two characters who are looking for something to feel connected to end up going to the party together. At school, Molly tells her friend Florence that the charges against T will probably be dropped. “I want to see make bleed,” she says, twirling a knife.

That night at the party Florence spots T and calls Molly, who shows up. The electric stare between Sara and Olive are replaced with cold, stunned stares between Molly and T as she stabs him. As T lies there unresponsive, we’re left wondering whether or not he can overcome adversity one more time.



The Teenagers team is still working on Season 3, but they’re in need of help to continue production. They’ve been able to accomplish so much over the past few years with limited resources and people donating their time to the series, but as the Teenagers continues to grow and wants to expand beyond being a web series, there are financial costs to account for.

With the release of this episode, Teenagers has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $40,000.

90% of the costs are going toward finishing Teenagers Season 3, and the rest will be used to help develop a feature film they’re working on. The donation perks range from getting a follow/shoutout on social media, to attending the Season 3 launch party or even having cast members deliver a pizza to your house. Yes, really:


You can find more info about the campaign and donate here.

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