[10/13/15] The Stohn kicked off his week of alumni-in-residence at Trent University with a bang by donating $1 million toward the funding of a new student centre at his alma mater.

Degrassi’s Executive Producer announced his donation to an excited crowd at the site of the future student centre on Tuesday.  “It is an honour to be able to contribute to an institution that reflects the elements of the Trent experience that have meant so much to my life, and could mean so much to the lives of Trent students in the future,” Stohn said.

Because of his donation to the $15 million project, the lecture hall in the new centre will be named “Stohn Hall.”

The new student centre is scheduled to begin construction in January 2016 and open September 2017.

For more details on the project:

Details on The Stohn’s event schedule at Trent University this week:

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