[12/23/15] Ehren talks music and Degrassi, a group of Degrassi cast members had a little fun with the ANDPOP crew and Adamo hangs with Santa.


I’ve been slammed with work this week, so I’m piling a couple of Degrassi news stories into one.


MyKawartha.com interviewed Ehren Kassam, who’s busy these days juggling his role on Degrassi as well as his band, Eleanor Shore.  Both his band’s demo and new episodes of Next Class are coming in January.

FULL INTERVIEW: http://www.mykawartha.com/news-story/6205285-former-i-e-weldon-student-heads-off-to-next-class-/


Ricardo, Ana, Richard, Sara and Amanda headed to the ANDPOP studios to play an entertaining game of “truth or dare.”  Check it out below.


In the latest episode of The Dot, Adamo hit the street to quiz kids on their Santa knowledge:

P.S. There’s still time to buy Christmas gifts if you haven’t already…check out Adamo’s last-minute gift guide!

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