Happy birthday to the always wonderful Aislinn Paul! It’s insane that a large fraction of her 22 years on this earth have played out on a screen of some sort, but we’ve gotten to watch her mature into bright, hardworking young woman and I’m proud of her success.

Thinking back on her time at Degrassi, they made Aislinn do a lot of weird stuff on the show….in honor of this great day, here are my favorite “Clare Has No Chill” moments.

3) No Chill At Dinner

I love food, but I definitely would’ve stayed away from this meal where Clare went off on everyone in sight. If this were Next Class, she definitely would’ve flipped all of the off before storming away.

2) You Should Masturbate, Holly J

Yay for fetus Clare, kickstarting her character’s sassiness by clapping back at a mockful Holly J.

1) Clare’s Neckin’ Declan

For me, this will always be my favorite Clare moment of all time. Innocent When You Dream is one of my favorite episodes…Clare’s plot is so ridiculous, but it had me rolling the entire time.


Degrassians have been sending Aislinn birthday wishes all day, and one of the coolest and sweetest comes from a group I refer to as “Aislinn’s Angels.” They produced a birthday video for Aislinn last year, and they’re back at it again in 2016:

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