[1/25/16] The band delivers a dark and powerful second demo session.



Better late than never! A week after their release I’ve finally gotten to listen to Eleanor Shore’s four new tracks, and man are they something. FYI…I’ve written hundreds of TV and movie reviews, but I’ve never written a music review. I know nothing about the technical terms used in music and I’m guaranteed to butcher them here, so sorry in advance. Now let’s take a look:

The first thing I noticed is that the music itself is really, really good, and it’s often the driving force behind every song. When the rhythm picks up and every instrument is going at full strength, that’s when these songs shine. With music I tend to obsess over tiny details; in these demos I love how the songs slowly build tension until they reach a climax about halfway through, then they power down asĀ each song ends on a soft note. I hope they release the instrumentals for these songs like they did for last year’s demos because you could jam out to those and have just as good of a time.

Though In The Morning is easily my favorite melody, Broken Seams has to be my favorite song overall. They performed a live version of this around a year ago and it was decent, but listening to this full version immerses you into a state of urgency, followed by a warm feeling of peace. As the walls seem to close in with each passing note, by the end of the song the somber trumpet reminds you that you had no choice but to follow Ehren’s advice: “Lose yourself in the water that’s become your new front yard.


The only noticeable issue throughout the demo session is that sometimes the vocals get drowned out by the powerful sections of music. I couldn’t tell you half of what Eric was saying in You Wanted A Dog, however, I’m not sure how much that matters.

When it comes to one of my favorite groups of all time, Steely Dan, I’ve never really payed that much attention to their lyrics; they were known for being extremely meticulous when it came to every sound that came out of every instrument, and I find myself still mesmerized by every detail within these songs today. My experience with Eleanor Shore’s second demo session has me following a similar path, always leading me back to soaking in the nuances of every carefully-crafted note from every instrument, each telling its own unique story.

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