Here’s what happened on set during the day…

And here’s a look at what happened on set at night…

The screening Amanda was referring to in her Snapchat was of the first 4 episodes of Degrassi: Next Class Season 3.

Season 3 will be released in 2017.

Posted by Kary


  1. How is it that i don’t see any of the grade 11 students? Are they all out of season 3?



    1. What do you mean?



  2. So from the looks of it, Lyle hasn’t been on set and is no longer on the show or their keeping him under wraps to create a big deal about the first episodes of season 3. I am personally hoping for the second option because I love Tristian and Triles to death. Kary do you think it will be like last season filming. When we didn’t see Lyle on set at all but was a major part of season 2? Or do you think he’s gone?



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