via @nancymay on Instagram:This is what happens when you have three scenes left before the end of the season #nextgeneration #degrassicrew #degrassi #crewphoto @mtness22 @stefanbrogren dared to jump in!

via Snapchat (degrassisnap, somabhatia, aaapixiedust)

via @nancymay on Instagram: Last Day #degrassi Morning scene blocking #degrassicrew


via @mtness22 on Instagram: Video village/tent pic from last day of principle photography on #degrassi#nextclass season 4 @nancymay@stefanbrogren @herosoup #netflix#lovethisshow


more pics from Mitch…

via @nancymay on Instagram: Saying Goodbye to some fine young actors #degrassinextclass #seasonwrap


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