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It’s been a pretty quiet week on set from a social media standpoint, but Degrassi more than made up for it today! There were a lot of cast members on set today, and a lot of them (plus the usual crew members) were posting updates.

Make sure you’re following Degrassians on Snapchat:

Amanda Arcuri: aaapixiedust
Amir Bageria: amirbageria
Andre Kim: andrekim7
Dante Scott: realdantescott
Degrassi’s Official Account: degrassisnap
Ehren Kassam: ehrenkassam
Spencer Macpherson: jspencermac
Ana Golja: muazana
Soma Bhatia: somabhatia
Adamo Ruggiero: thedottv

Via @mtness22 on Instagram: Look who showed up on set today for a visit! Crispy! @crisprosperi #awesomesuprise #asbeautifulasever #degrassi #nextclass


via @nancymay on Instagram: @mtness22 shoes look way better in real life #neonnikes #howdoigetridofmyshadow


Via @nancymay on Instagram: The grips added some branches to the silk #nextclass #degrassinextclass #setlife #gripdepartment


Via @stefanbrogren on Instagram: Just me and @crisprosperi hangin out. I don’t know who those other guys are. #weirdos @joshuamgray @mtness22


Via @kristalegault on Instagram: The long weekend is so close.


Via @nancymay on Instagram: Krista and I were twinning today .. Love her🙃 #degrassinextclass #bestbgcasting #setlife


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