A bonus from Sunday 7/24/16…

via @stefanbrogren on Instagram: What’s better than rehearsal on a Sunday? Nothing. Nothing is better. Nothing. Better. Joy. #Degrassi #nextclass


MONDAY 7/25/16

via @nancymay on Instagram: 8:36am looks like8:36pm #daytimeexteriors #degrassinextclass


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Lens Zeppelin fail. #Degrassi #NextClass.

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TUESDAY 7/26/16

Sara Waisglass also joined Snapchat today!!

Degrassians on Snapchat
Amanda Arcuri: aaapixiedust
Amir Bageria: amirbageria
Andre Kim: andrekim7
Dante Scott: realdantescott
Degrassi’s Official Account: degrassisnap
Ehren Kassam: ehrenkassam
Sara Waisglass: sarajwais
Spencer Macpherson: jspencermac
Ana Golja: muazana
Soma Bhatia: somabhatia
Adamo Ruggiero: thedottv

Degrassi cast members took time out of their day to meet with some fans on set:

via @foreverloveais

via @hugsforaislinn

via @TommosHollings

via @jessiepntz

via @hollingshugs

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  1. Is it fun to be an actor on Degrassi ,because I have always wanted to be an actor.So if you ever need a actor I can to it .I even sing,play volleyball,softball ,and ride horses.Im even homeschooled sooo .I know I’m a little young I’m only 13 but I an act and look 15/16.



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