Last Friday the Degrassi crew did a night shoot and now they’re back at it again this Friday! The crew brought in some big equipment to help with tonight’s shoot.

Via @nancymay on Instagram: We got a #LRX #setlife #degrassi #nextclass #nightshoot @mtness22 @stefanbrogren


Via @nancymay on Instagram: @mtness22 and his #degrassicrew are happy to have the #LRX tonight #setlife


via @stefanbrogren on Instagram: @mtness22 likes night shoots. This is like the Death Star of lighting rigs. #degrassi #nextclass


via @stefanbrogren on Instagram: And this was the pic I took a second before the end of the world! Haha! Jokes! That’s not true. It’s just another night shoot. #degrassi #nextclass


Via @Chel5eaClark on Twitter: @stefanbrogren I’m watching you 👀


via @nancymay on Instagram: This is what we do at night #setlife #degrassinextclass


Via @nancymay on Instagram: We have just finished shooting some of the most disturbing scenes that we have ever shot on #degrassi. That’s all I have to say #nextclass #netflix


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