So…did you know that Sara Waisglass is an author? Available in paperback and on Kindle, The Art Of Breaking Glass is a collection of poems she wrote as a way to express her thoughts and feelings during high school. In a vlog she did for Degrassi’s Youtube channel, she said she published the book as a way to get closure on unresolved emotions.

So what can a grown-ass man such as myself take away from a book written by someone nearly young enough to be my daughter? Quite a bit, actually.

Sara’s thoughts are unfiltered in this book; when she felt broken, you can feel it in great detail. We witness her go through pain, growth and understanding, as everything she wrote about shaped her into the person she is now.

Similar to Degrassi, there are a lot of feelings and ideas in Sara’s book that are relatable to people of all ages. In the video below I talk about 3 specific entries from the book and the lessons I took from them.

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

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