VICE recently interviewed Linda Schuyler about the abortion episode in Degrassi: Next Class Season 3, #IRegretNothing. Degrassi has now tackled abortion four times in the history of the show, and Lola’s abortion is the first time they’ve been able to tell this story without restrictions from broadcasters.

Each abortion storyline has tackled the controversial topic in a different way, with Lola’s story featuring her making the decision on her own terms without pushback from other people about her decision.

It really is each individual who has to judge their own circumstances,” Schuyler told VICE. “We thought for young, modern women, it’s very important to signal to them that it is their body, it is their choice.”

Degrassi characters Erica Farrell and Manny Santos had people close to them who were initially against their decision to have an abortion, but supported them anyway. Lola’s abortion story is unique in itself, but it also reminds me quite a bit of Tessa Campinelli’s; Tessa was resolute from the get go in wanting to have an abortoin. Tessa’s storyline was so messed up because she wound up with no emotional support whatsoever, but when it comes to Lola it’s amazing watching Yael offer to go to the clinic with Lola without hesitation.

VICE talks more with Schuyler about Lola’s storyline and the decision to take viewers into the procedure room…check out the full interview here:

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