In honor of Valentine’s Day, and the inevitable reminder for some of us that we have to live vicariously through fictional characters in order to ever experience romantic love, I’d like to take a look at the times Degrassi teased me with a ship only to stab me in the heart, sinking them before they could set sail.

Melanie & Snake


I’m kicking things off with a throwback to Degrassi Junior High; if you haven’t watch this series, I suggest you do so.

I wonder how Stefan feels knowing he’s part of one of my favorite ships of all time. Snake and Melanie really liked each other and they were so adorable. They tried many times to get together, but things just kept getting in the way. They technically went on a date, and even went to a dance together. Things were looking up, but next thing you know the school burned down and it was like they suddenly forgot each other existed.

When the series switched over to Degrassi High, their relationship was dropped before they could be established as an actual couple. I don’t ever recall them even speaking to each other during the Degrassi High years. They could’ve had something special, but this just goes to show you Degrassi has been busy sinking ships long before most of you were even born.

Jimmy & Ellie


There’s nothing like two people falling in love over common interests…except that didn’t happen in Jellie’s case. I shipped these two way too hard during season 5 of TNG. I even gave them their own “show” circa 2006…if you remember The Jellie Show that just means you’re really old.

And a music video.

I wish someone had stopped me before I fell into this ship trap. Apparently I have this subconscious thing where I root for blacks guys in the romantic underdog role on Degrassi (exhibit A and B). And I’m also drawn in by unrequited love stories, because…let’s just say Degrassi is relatable.

I guess I simply couldn’t help but punish myself knowing damn well Jellie would never happen with Craig Manning’s well-endowed self roaming the earth. The messed up part of all this is I eventually wanted to see Crellie together too, thanks to that cheesy airport scene. That’s why there’s no point in trying to understand shippers and shipping because these feelings make no damn sense.

Spinner & Terri


For me, Spinner and Terri were the ultimate “What if…” couple of TNG. What if the stars had aligned so that these two characters, who had clear feelings for each other, would’ve developed into more than friends in Eye of the Beholder?

But alas! The closest thing we’ll ever have to Sperri action happened years after Terri left Degrassi, when Spinner mentioned her in the “Party Etiquette” webisode.

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  1. Can I just say that I agree with all of these, especially Spinner and Terri. but another one, at least for me, was Claire and Drew. There was so much build up and I loved their friendship. I kept thinking leave them as friends because I knew Eli was never going to go away. Then they had all this will they won’t they and I started shipping them. There was some miscommunication that had me irritated but then came pregnancy storyline and I thought there’s a chance for Drew and her to grow closer. I was wrong. The sad thing about it was I knew the friendship would never be the same. Then at the end of the season all I kept thinking was, well the there’s still a chance. I got all caught up in Clew.



  2. My ultimate ship that never was will always be Toby/Holly J. I really liked their nuanced plot in ABITW, and I was hoping that they would rekindle that little spark before the end of season 7. It was cool to finally see Toby stand up for himself at the end of the episode, but I hoped that a later episode that season would focus on Holly J. trying to get back into Toby’s good graces. I was dying to see this high-maintenance mean girl soften and let down her walls for the unassuming, awkward, dry-humoured Toby. Poor Tobes always got shafted in the relationship department.

    I’m kind of torn on Jellie. I do like how their friendship and Jimmy’s attraction to Ellie was built on a foundation of mutual interests and admiration on Jimmy’s part. He truly and sincerely respected her. She INSPIRED him! Teenage guys aren’t inspired by anyone! But at the same time it was hard to watch how oblivious Ellie was because she was over the moon for Craig.



  3. I enjoy romances that failed to happen nearly as much as I enjoy romances that failed. Clew is probably my desired ‘what could have been’ romance. I liked the way the characters and actors played off each other, I liked the idea of a shared loss helping to keep them on the ball. I liked how subtly they worked the pair into a working duo even though both halves had baggage behind them.

    But Clew is not Eclare.



  4. I am right there with you on Snake and Melanie. They were good together



  5. Clare and Drew were another potential that got lost which to me was sad. Because those 2 had so much chemistry. Another one was Eli and Lenore.. I wish the writers where a little stronger towards the Eclare fandom.



  6. This is an extremely unpopular opinion, but I hated Jellie. For one, they started during the tragic downfall of Ellie’s character. I really hated how they treated Hazel during the mural scene. Even worse, the writers made it seem like she was in the wrong for daring to be upset that her boyfriend was having an emotional affair and of course, the fans ignored that, because Ellie is a popular character and Hazel isn’t. Ellie rejecting Jimmy was a nice dose of karma.

    In my headcanon, Spinner bumped into Terri and got together with her after the end of his three week long marriage to Emma. I think that I prefer Sperri to Spane now.

    I’m torn on Toby/Holly J. On one hand, Toby turning Holly J down showed just how much he had grown as a character, despite not getting the screentime that he deserved. On the other hand, they would have been adorable.

    Maybe they don’t count, since they were technically an official couple, but I kind of wish that Liberty and Towerz would have at least gotten a subplot. My OTP will always be Jiberty, but it could have been interesting.



  7. Yeah, I shipped all these couples too, especially Snake and Melanie. I hated how they just fizzled out. Jellie was great, of course. I felt so bad for Jimmy and I hated how they just threw him back with Ashley. I’d say Spinner and Terri and Toby and Holly J are my top What If couples.



  8. Because there was so much potential between Spinner and Terri, I was never able to fully support Spinner and Paige even thought they had a significant run. I’m glad that Shiny isn’t on this list because I think they have the potential of being like Zaya and getting together sometime later on in the show.



  9. I have to say my two favorite couples that never were would have to be clew and spolly j. I had really hoped when the declayne/Jane affair came to light, spinner and holly j would get their chance. Both couples had really decent friendships and both were there for each other during rough times.



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