F2N has teamed up with branded chat creator Massively to build a chat experience that works hand in hand with the new teen block on Family Channel.  Degrassi fans can receive bonus content by downloading the Kik app, and talking to the F2N_TV account.


You’ll engage with a chat bot who currently offers two Degrassi-related pieces of content: the Next Class trailer…


…and a personality quiz.  I literally took the quiz so many times in a row that the bot no longer responds to me (they’re already tired of me over there :-p).  Upon taking the 4-question quiz you’ll receive one of the following answers:


My first thought when this chat feature was announced was how cool would it be for fans to actually interact with the characters on Kik?  Massively has the ability to do this, and it would achieve a level of fun engagement that even surpasses what Degrassi did with the character Twitters several years ago.

And people would love it.

Posted by Kary

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