F2N has wasted no time jumping into the Degrassi digital world on all platforms, and tweeted a teaser promoting the 6-minute sneak peek on their website:

The 6-minute video is only available to viewers in Canada, but the teaser video in the tweet gives us some new clips to look at:

*Shay’s #Bootycall

Shay’s storyline involves her having a crush on Tiny, but she’s self conscious about her butt.  Things will become even more awkward when a picture she takes gets posted online.

*Maya chooses music over Zig

I love Zig, but music’s everything to me.”

*Tristan for President



There’s also a couple of clips from a pool party…

Which Degrassi also tweeted about today

The same pool party one of the extras tweeted about earlier this summer


Posted by Kary


  1. For people who have seen the sneak peak, and even Kary directly if you have seen it, do we still get the episode title displayed on the screen after the opening credits? I hope they haven’t gotten rid of that tradition. Also, everyone is heralding Shay’s plot as the A plot, but from what I gather the episode begins with Maya? How are we distinguishing Shay as the A plot? Thanks in advance! I love your blog!



    1. I don’t recall there being an official declaration yet, but the assumption is Shay’s the A plot since the episode is titled #BootyCall. Thankfully, the episode title is still shown after the opening credits…if you haven’t seen the sneak peek yet you should be able to watch it here! https://vimeo.com/147399197



  2. Thanks! Wow I love the new stye they seem to be incorporating! Especially the scene at the beginning where Maya narrates. It really is highlighting her as the new Emma/Clare officially and I love that. This is also the first narration the show has ever used I believed. And the new opening actually works quite well in the context of the actual episode. Wasn’t sure it would be effective until I was immersed with it



    1. I agree. I liked everything about it except the into seemed really childish-but that might just be me.



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