With the official news that Degrassi is coming to Netflix and Family Channel January 15th, more gallery photos have been released:




Hopefully Degrassi will begin releasing more of the individual/couples/smaller group shots soon.  Here’s a look at the rest of the current Next Class images:

Posted by Kary


  1. Any news yet on if season 13 and 14 are coming out on dvd and will the new seasons be on dvd?



  2. Kind of a weird observation, but I just noticed how few people on the show have blonde hair, especially when it comes to male characters. The only main male character I can think of who was really blond was Peter.

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    1. The only blonde male characters that I can think of are Sean (kind of dirty blonde), Mr. Simpson, Tristan (platinum blonde), Johnny and Peter.

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  3. I am totally loving the diversity of the cast right now! This is a great direction for the show, characters and the cast. I expect lots of great things from Next Class.



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